things girlie and pink that match my 07 magenta! pics!

  1. hi ladies!

    just wanted to share.. remember back over the summer when we were all waiting for the magentas to come in, and someone posted the picture of the cartier Limited Edition watch? well!! i bookmarked that cartier page, and DH bought it for me as a Xmas gift!

    it was such a surprise!!!! and it matches the magenta silver combo so beautifully.

    then, as i am kind of a computer geek, i hacked my iphone and customized it to match too!

    so girlie!! i love it:heart:[​IMG]
    2.jpg 1.jpg
  2. :huh:Ooh nice Cartier watch & iphone, they both go great w. your magenta~!.. cONgrats.. you have mighty fine taste.. Love em~!:love:
  3. thanks! i am not really a girlie girl, but love magenta!
  4. nice!!!! quick do you change the background on your iphone?
  5. I was just about to ask that too. I didn't know you could change it.

  6. well... its not that easy... you have to jailbreak it first....

    then install some custom apps..

    its all on

    i go to the iphone forum quite a bit to avoid all the temptation of new bags on this forum!!

    if you are pretty good at following instructions, its all in the guides..
  7. Aww I love your iPhone background!
  8. so, they are called themes... this is the tinkerbell theme. geeks out there design them.. . so... we could design a bbag theme... we could use planets, and coin purses as logos.. it could be quite colorful and fun!!!
  9. okay!!! thats it.. i will put my two favorite forums together.. and see if i can design us an iphone theme!!! what fun!
  10. I love your new watch - what a sweet DH!
  11. ^^thanks! he definitely is a keeper! love him! he once came here to the bbag forum undercover to see what bag i was lusting over at that time, and bought it for me!
  12. your cartier watch is gorgeous! what a lovely gift
  13. !!!
    *melts in a puddle of pink gooey sweetness*

    have to say that normally not a pink fan (*gets :boxing:'d by bubblegum & magenta lovers*), but your picture is just too adorable! love that watch!

    congratulations and what a thoughtful DH!
  14. thanks! let me know how the theme goes! hahaha =)
  15. Magenta with SGH is gorgeous. Love how you customized your iphone to your bag!