things falling out ??

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  1. Hi, i like both the regular Alexa bag and the Lily. but i am very worry that things might fall out from the bag as there is no zipper.

    is there anyone have this problem with the alexa and the lily bag?
  2. I have the regular alexa and there is pretty much zero chance of anything falling out of it, IMO. The post mans lock secures it tightly, just like it does with the bayswater. Xx
  3. if you do the postmans lock up nothing will fall out :smile:
  4. The bags natural slouch ensures everything stays at the base of the bag, no way could anything come out, so you have no worries apart from which gorgeous one to go for !!!

    Lily is alot lot smaller than Alexa :biggrin:
  5. Nothing's ever fallen out of my Alexas.
  6. thanks for all the replies !! ^^
  7. no problem with Alexa, lock and shape of the bag are perfect
  8. I haven't had anything fall out of the Alexa. I don't see how it can, really - the bag is deep enough including around the sides. Even if you hold it upside down I don't think things will fall out either.
  9. sometimes my postmans lock comes undone when im holding my alexa from the top and my purse has nearly fallen out, i mostly carry as a messenger tho. x
  10. I have a regular oak Alexa and an oak Lily, and have never had problems with things falling out of it :biggrin: