1. HBO: Thin


    Has anybody seen this yet ?
  2. I want to watch it..I heard about it in some news article. Unfortunately, I don't have HBO.
  3. Nope didn't see it yet
  4. I watched until almost 1am last night.
    It's a really disturbing disease. The girls I saw weren't as shockingly thin as Nicole Richie, but the insight into the thoughts, logic, distortion was pretty fascinating.
  5. I haven't, but I'd like to...was it just last night or will it be on again?
  6. I watched it last night and it was sad. What an awful disease. It's a hard one because unlike alcoholism...these girls HAVE to eat - when you quit drinking you don't ever have to have a drink again. It's a constant day to day battle - the film was excellent and very well done.
  7. I hope they rerun it because I missed it!!!
  8. It was on last night in Los Angeles and I fell asleep. What I did see, blew me away. The majority weigh 85 pounds on average.
  9. Its all MENTAL!! What a Horrible disease. I haven't watched it but I do want to catch it hopefully it will be on demand and I can catch it this weekend.
  10. I watched it with my husband. He couldn't believe that one lady was having such a hard time eating that cupcake. Did anyone notice how they all wore blankets and sweaters all the time? I guess with that little fat, it's hard to stay warm.
  11. I wish I could see it. I recently bought a pin from a woman named Elizabeth Showers after the Dallas Morning News did a story on her and her eating disorder. All proceeds go to a fund to help women with this disorder. I think she sells her jewelry at NM and Nordstrom's. I wear it every day. It's a horrific disease and it's not just "something they can get over." I wish them many blessings and much strength.
  12. i would love to watch it but dont have HBO anymore.
  13. i saw it last night as well--such an important story to tell, but hard to watch at the same time. i wonder/worry about women--especially young ones, and teens--struggling with their own body image issues watching the film--i would hope most would recognize the severity and tragedy of the illness, but i fear some might watch and take notes.. your thoughts?

    PS starting today (or if not, really soon) it'll be available on HBO on demand, if any of you have that service (free with my cable package).
  14. Thanks for the info, I missed the show too ! Ill be sure to catch it on demand.
  15. It's on again tonight, I'm recording it in case I forget later.
    Superfriday, the trouble with these programs is that while it will educate about the severity of the disease, it will also influence young girls as well, there's no question about it. If they do show tricks on how they starve, then you can bet some girls out there are taking notes. So I agree with you, it's bitter-sweet.