Thin straps on Neverfull......

  1. There is no need to worry about the thin straps on the Neverful according to the lookbook I saw today believe it or not the neverful will hold ...........

    210 KILOS

    there is a machine to test this
  2. Wow that is alot.
  3. OMG! Did not expect that!
  4. they may hold that much but they still feel flimsy and when I tried the bag on were sliding down my arm...for me that's a deal breaker
  5. That's amazing, but I'm concerned about the straps wearing easily...possibly fraying too :wtf:
  6. I don't carry all that much in my bags & I trade them out every 2 days so this bag will come home to me some day!
  7. I'm still not feeling this bag for some I already have my mono tote needs covered with the BV!
  8. but what about it in damier :graucho:
  9. personal I much prefer the LH and the PH for mono totes...I own and love both...I like having a zip closure...too many of my gucci bags are open and I never feel secure out and about...always worried something will fall out.....
  10. Thanks for the info! But... paranoid me will always feel insecure about the straps!
  11. The bag is very functional, its not for me, but the price is so tempting for such a useful bag!
  12. Wow that is a lot! Great news!
  13. wow... that s much
  14. I thinking about getting this bag at a later time. When I use my Cabas Piano, I hardly zipped it up. I like big bags.

    We'll see how the straps hold up in time once folks have time to really use it.
  15. yeah my sa was cute..she was like its called hte neverfull because it never gets full it just expands its fits soooo much

    hehe :smile: almost made me wanna get it