Thin or wide love. Please help

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Which bracelet looks better on my wrist.

  1. Thin love and trinity cord

    14 vote(s)
  2. Wide love

    61 vote(s)
  1. Hello everyone. It's me again! Can you help me choose please. I took photos of both love bracelets on my hand. They both are yellow gold size 16. The original will be worn on it's own and I feel I can't wear it with another piece of jewelry. I know this might change after I get used to it but for now felt it's enough on its own. The thin is the exact opposite, l only like it with another bracelet or 2. Most probably this might be my only purchase from Cartier and I'm worried that the thin will look to casual or too busy stacked. Can you vote please original or thin stacked with trinity cord. Thank you so much xx

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  2. wide love.
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  3. I love how the thin love looks stacked with the cord and thin juc totally amazing!!!
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  4. Oh wow 8 votes for wide and 1 for the small!
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  5. I love the look too but worried it might be a bit too much for an everyday look. I prefer to dress casually most of the time.
  6. Traditional sized love!
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  7. Traditional wide!!!!

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  8. Get the original classic love please. The thin actually looks a bit too big for you. That happened to me too. Because of the lack of screw, the thin actually fits slightly looser. I noticed it because my loves are a hair too loose, and the thin was just plain TOO loose. It seems like you want the classic love too. If you get the thin, you will always want the classic and eventually you will get that too (which may not be the worst thing in the world :graucho:).., but get what you want the most now. Otherwise, it will just end up costing you more.
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  9. I voted for the original love. I also dress pretty casually everyday and I wear an original love stacked with a thin JUC and I love the look. I think you wear both bracelets really well but I prefer the original love just a bit more. Please let us know what you decide!
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  10. I like both on you, but I went for the wide :smile:
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  11. Wide/regular for sure. You can wear it alone or stacked with your cord bracelet. I personally don’t care for the thin Love unless you wear two of them.
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  12. I think they both look good on you but if it's your only purchase, I vote for the classic (wide) Love.
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  13. The wide one # 1. Both look good. You can't go wrong.
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  14. For plain gold Love bracelet, go with regular size. Get thin/small Love if it’s diamond pave.
  15. Thank you everyone for helping me decide. You are amazing people❤ I went with the majority and got the original love. My husband sent it for engraving and I'll be able to wear it in a couple of days. Can't wait to be honest and I am so happy I went with the original size. My S.A told me that I can take it off as many times as I want but need to make sure I take it off , put it back on the correct way and that was very reassuring as I read here ,I guess, some S.A recommending not to take it off more than 4 times a year and that really worried me.
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