Thin love vs. Bony Levy skinny diamond bracelets

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  1. I'm debating between getting the thin love bracelet in YG vs. the Bony Levy skinny diamond bangles in all three colors (YG, RG, WG). The price of 3 Bony Levy bracelets is just a few hundred more than the thin YG love.

    I mostly wear DY bracelets and Hermes enamel bracelets in narrow. I love stacking and I don't have any diamond bracelets right now. Most of my DY pieces are silver with gold accents.

    Can anyone comment? Do you have one, both, or an opinion on which would be a better idea? Eventually, I'll get them all but would consider getting the Bony Levy now while they're on sale.
  2. Get the bon levy. Cartier is over priced and will be around for a while. A good deal at bon levy should be seized while you can!
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  3. I'm leaning more toward the Cartier love. I just don't find Nordstrom customer service to be very helpful. I wish that Bony Levy sold through another store.
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  4. I would get the Cartier thin love! I have it, and it's so beautiful! The weight of the gold is just lovely. This piece will feel way more substantial than those Bony Levy bangles.
  5. Thanks! I'm not usually brand-name picky, but I feel a little weird about purchasing fashion fine jewelry from a place like Nordstrom. Pieces like Roberto Coin are different because you can get them at actual jewelry stores; I would prefer that. I'm going to get the small love and then look for a different stack of diamond bangles (i.e. Tiffany Metro).
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  6. Great idea!
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  7. The Bony Levy diamond bangles are quite beautiful in person and well made, and I've actually always found Nordstrom customer service to be quite helpful, though I generally deal with them by phone bc I don't have a local Nordstrom. One thing is that the clasp sticks out above the actual bracelet due to the thinness, so a stack wouldn't sit flush, if ykwim. The Tiffany Metro is thicker and has a hidden clasp mechanism, so stacks better.

    Planning on purchasing a thin Love myself, but also tempted to grab a Bony Levy while they are on sale. Wonder if one Bony Levy would look good stacked with a thin love and give a bit of sparkle?

    Post pics when you get your bracelet(s)!
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  8. @L etoile what did you end up going with? Can you share your stack?
  9. I'm not L etoile, but I have a thin love and a bony levy bangle. Here's a pic of them together
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  10. I LOVE this combo. Thanks for sharing!
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  11. Is the green cord bracelet from Hortense jewelry? It looks like the together cord bracelet? Your stack looks amazing btw!
  12. It is the together cord bracelet from Hortense! Thank you so much!
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  13. I've been thinking of adding a Bony Levy Skinny diamond to go with my Love but not sure what size I would need to order (no Nordstoms in my state). I wear a 17 in the Love, would i need a 6.5" or a 7" for them to match up best in size?

  14. 6.5” is an almost perfect match to size 17.
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  15. Personally I would do the Love. The BL’s will go on sale again but the Love will only ever go up in price .... on the subject of which we just had a massive hike here in Aus - $600!
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