Thin Love or Cuff Love?

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  1. Hello Ladies and gents! I am getting close to getting my first Cartier piece: thin love with diamonds or classic cuff are my options. I don’t wear any of my jewelry pieces 24/7 and want to keep it that way. From your experience, would any of these 2 pieces I am considering work better to put on and take off every day?
  2. It seems the cuff would be more suitable for you as you can take it on or off easily. The thin love will wear out eventually when taking it off over and over.
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  3. Definitely the cuff! I have the one with one diamond and it’s perfect. I was never a fan of the screws and of the potential of them getting damaged or lost. The cuff has the look of the original without any of the worries of the bracelet. I personally don’t like the thin alone, only stacked with another bracelet since it’s so thin. The cuff can stand alone.
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  4. this is very true. I work out daily and I just can’t imagine leaving the bracelet on for that, so yeah... wearing it out from taking it off and putting on every day is my main concern and the reason I lean towards the cuff. Thank you for your input!
  5. I am eyeing the one diamond cuff! I just wish Cartier had more options of diamonds on the cuff. Maybe I will go for the cuff first and add the thin love one down the road. Thank you for your input!
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  6. Cuff!
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  7. So far, I am definitely leaning towards the cuff! :biggrin:
  8. I have the cuff and I wear my all the time but also have the ease of taking off and on. I agree with others in that the cuff can be wore alone whereas the thin one looks better stacked.
    I have the cuff without diamond and wear mine alone with my watch. Love it!
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  9. Cuff if it’s going to be coming off often.
    The thin has a hinge that came wear out if it’s taken off too much.
    But I love how the thin looks with the classic size.

    If you do ever consider a small love or even classic with the screw closure, you can still work out in them. I’ve heard of people putting a sweat wrist band over them in the gym to keep them protected and from moving around.
    I work out 4-5 times a week and that’s what I’m planning to do when I get mine.
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  10. I am definitely leaning towards the cuff and adding a thin love down the road. Thank you for your input!
  11. Hmmm... that’s interesting. I’ve never heard of the sweat wrist band before. Running over to do some research around it! Thank you for your input!
  12. Yea, I never thought about that until ssomeone on here mentioned it! I’m heavily into fitness and even more so now while trying to lose weight. So besides doing weight training, I’m also doing a lot of cardio which makes any bracelet bounce around like crazy.
    Sweat bands works like a charm.
    Nike has some real cute ones in pastel and bright colors.
    Also planning on wearing the band while cleaning or hiking to protect the bracelet.
  13. So, something like this?
  14. Yup! Those are the ones.
    I’m sure you could fold a headband a couple times and use that too, but I just bought a couple of the wrist bands
  15. What a good way to protect the bracelet! And definitely something to weigh in to make the decision. Thank you for this info and best of luck in your fitness journey!
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