Thin JUC separated?

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  1. Hi—I have the thin JUC bracelet and wear it stacked with love bracelet and it looks like it kind of stretched out and is wider sitting on wrist now. Wondering if this has happened to others? Can I exchange it?

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  2. Looks like it just got unlocked? If it is, you just have to flip the nail end over the head to the other side gently.
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  3. Looks to me like it’s ‘unlocked’ too. When I bought mine the SA didn’t know that the nail head should be flipped over the tail end to ‘unlock’ the bracelet and make it easier to take on and off. I discovered that only when I watched a YouTube review on it a few days after I got it! So I wonder if maybe other people haven’t been shown the locking/unlocking mechanism too so get worried when it looks like this?
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  4. Probably right that it's unlocked, unless there's been a variation in the manufacture. Basically, the JUC, when closed, has the same arrangement of the nail head and tip as the standard JUC.

    If you imagine the nail head as a "T" shape, the nail tip (or tail) is always on the "left side of the T" in locked position. The photo shows the nail tip on the right side, hence: unlocked.
  5. So, it’s the thin, smaller JUC which doesn’t lock. It separates and you kind of put your wrist in but it somehow stretched out. It’s a newer product for them, so was wondering if this happened to anyone else? Because I’m annoyed! And I’m sure they won’t exchange.
  6. Yes, I have the same bracelet. I'm pretty sure it is just unlocked. Gently push the nail over the head the opposite way. Maybe I'm just not explaining it well enough. You can call the store and ask if you're not near one.
  7. Omg—you’re a lifesaver. I had no idea ‍♀️ Thank you. Much better!
  8. No worries!!