Thin Canvas

  1. So I was in Antwerp today, for the first time. And it's an amazing city, I spotted about 50 LV's, 2 Birkins (real) and 3 Goyard St. Louis. I love that specific bag. But the canvas looked very thin, kinda scary. Is it really that thin? And is it thinner than LV canvas?
  2. there is nothing like lv canvas.
    i honestly think goyard bags look like plastic.
    still love the colors and the chevron though.
  3. Compared to LV, it is thin. But it is also very sturdy and I love the slouch the St. Louis develops with time and use. However, I love my LV's way more than my Goyard. I stopped at one Goyard (Navy St. Louis GM) but couldn't stop at one LV. :smile:
  4. I'm not a St Louis fan, but huge Goyard fan. You might want to look at some of their other styles.

    I'm picking up a Moynat when in Paris next month. Will report back with pix and their canvas sturdiness.

    Not sure why, can't get myself to carry a monogram LV.
  5. The St. Louis is thinner but I like that it's more flexible than my LV NF MM. I can, for example, hold it in my arms and fold it over slightly into itself so no one can see inside.
  6. I love some of their other styles, but sadly they're to expensive for me. Since I'm a student and don't have a full-time job. =(

    That would be very nice! I love Moynat, can't wait for your pics =)
  7. Thanks everyone for your comments!

    Maybe the thin canvas makes it a little bit more masculine for me!? Because it sags, and it don't look perfect
  8. Good luck in school, that's most important.

    All the rest will come later. :smile:
  9. Im not a fan of moynat canvas print... though I think the bag's 2 handle design is awesome! There seems to be 2 version of the tote bag one mainly for ladies (similar style to st Louis n NF) and another for men which is a little longer/deeper.
    I did however recently got a bday moynat gift from my ;) love it! Its a Moynat buckle reversible belt leather belt.
  10. I'm hoping to pick up the version in leather--similar to the H double sens. ;)
  11. The canvas is thin but amazingly durable and it also makes the bag LIGHT. I love my Goyards because they are EASY to carry - the weight of the bag is negligible and you determine how heavy it gets with the stuff you put inside. I know with my LVs I can't carry as much stuff because it gets too heavy for me to carry on my shoulder. A huge difference!
  12. I have a LV Damier Neverfull and the Goyard St Louis - the St Louis is thinner but lighter. I think it's a wonderful quality bag. My LV has cracked a little (not apparently uncommon) but the St. Louis has not.
  13. In terms of sturdiness/thickness, I would rate LV as the sturdiest/thickness, Moynat second and Goyard third. I think Moynat has better quality over goyard in terms of the canvas and the leather piping.