thik ive outgrown

  1. a lot of my younger, less expensive bags. my guess gold satchel, and a few gap and also totes i had just dont cut it anymore. i esp find guess is looking like faux coach
  2. I've found that my tastes have changed both since I've gotten older and since I've discovered this forum!! :wlae:
  3. i agree, before i got into "designer" handbags I had a whole collection of canvas, nylon, and cheaper leather bags. Luckily I have a little sister to hand all my stuff down to!
  4. I think I've outgrown some of my cheaper stuff too. But I still like bling and Guess does have a lot of that :smile:
  5. unfotuanetly, my sis is as into coach and lv as i m. so i guess it is the sally an pile for my guess and gap etc
  6. Is that your puppy for your avatar? It is adorable.

    Yep. I've outgrown a lot of my stuff too. Finding this forum does not make it easy for my wallet though.;)
  7. I went through that, too. I wasn't into handbags (gasp!) until my mid-20s. For my first "nice" bag, I thought the thing to have was a DB initial bag. I loved it for about 1 year, then all of a sudden I felt like I needed to trade up. I couldn't get rid of it fast enough. ;) Now I'm totally addicted to bags, so...

  8. Yes I too find my tastes have changed as I've gotten older...I enjoy the process, actually!!
  9. courtb1993, you sound just like me! I was a tomboy growing up and then when i did start carrying bags I had one black and one brown. lol

    Then when I got into my mid-20's I kind of "came into myself" as my mom would say, lol Now I'm known as the fashionista in my circles. And this forum was the best thing that ever happened to handbag collection ROCKS!
  10. yes, that's my Hannah :heart: - that's her baby picture, she's a little bigger now that she's almost 4 yrs old! She still has the fluffy ewok look, tho!
  11. I somewhat outgrew my younger preferences, but as my forum name says, I cannot turn down Snoopy/Peanuts things sometimes
    But I definitely changed my taste in things once I got hold of my Ferragamo tote last summer. Though, I had made more handbag purchases since then, I'm thankful I made more purchases after the change, than before, or else I would have been looking at my closet every day now. I only still like one or two purses from years and years ago.
  12. Hear! Hear!

  13. Me too. Me too. I am crazy for snoopy stuff. Have you been to the Snoopy Town in Harajuku, Tokyo Japan? Every single time I went, could not get out of the store...Snoopy handbags, luggage, place setting, stickers, stickys stationary, cookies,....anything that you can think of....:nuts:
  14. What kind of dog is she?/ Is she an akita? She's got that cute, bear-look of an akita puppy!
  15. Oh yeah, this forum has had a huge impact on my taste. I live in an area where Coach is as high as designers go (except among a select few:smile:), so I hadn't even heard of the designers of most of my new bags until I joined the forum.

    Thanks tPF!