1. how do I get rid of body fat around my inner and outter thighs???
  2. there are some really good inner and outer thigh exercises you can do with low pound hand weights...squats and lunges help too..PM me..Ill give ya a list to do.I used to teach aerobics and body sculpting.
  3. squats (either ball or hand weights) deep walking lunges (probably the hardest but def. the best) leg curls and of course running and stairmaster
  4. You can't "spot reduce". If you lose body fat in general it comes off from all over. You can never just lose weight in one place. You CAN however as suggested, target those areas and do more weight training exercise to get the muscles firmer, which is what the responses above me say.

    You need to do any type of cardio to burn the fat though.

    Of course there is also lipo which will indeed get rid of the body fat in those areas alone;)
  5. Lunges!! And lots of them
  6. Weight resistance for inner and outer thighs will not help. Sure, you'll tone up the muscle, and might see a small difference as the muscles will stop drooping as much, but you really need to do cardio. I see this all the time in the gym. These girls, for months, will do the leg adductor and abductor machines and still look the same exact way they did 2 months earlier. If you want to lose fat on your legs, do cardio.
  7. I agree that strenghtening the muscles alone will not help. What about trying something that combines some cardio with some thigh-specific exercises - like ballet? or power yoga? - something that gets your heart rate up while also giving your thighs a good work out with streching (so you don't add bulk).
  8. Damn that inner and outer thigh fat!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. LOL!!
  10. I would definitely limit the fat in your diet, and the do lots of cardio. I would recommend running and try swimming. I was a competitive swimmer from ages 5-18 and I dont have an ounce of fat on my inner or outer thighs because of it. And swimming is generally allover good. Try doing 3 sets of about 20 laps (varying the pace) and then after wards do some lunges with weights. There is also an exercise that is good for your inner thighs (and butt): we called it the fire hydrant in track haha.

    get on all 4's
    and lift your leg on the side up and down, like a dog peeing on a hydrant...
    repeat in reps of 15 on each side for as many sets as you can.

    you can really feel it when you are done!
  11. I'll try the hydrant, lunges, squats, and pool is covered for the winter...can't wait till summer so I can do laps...thanx
  12. Try some Yohimburn ES (just google it) before you exercise. It's supposed to help with fat burning in a particular area.
  13. ^^^absolutely does not work. Just another gimmick to waste people's $$$ and make my job more difficult making sure my own clients don't fall for such propaganda !:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

  14. Do not do this!! this will serve you NO benefit and it is bad for your heart!
  15. This is my most troublesome area too. I hardly have any body fat from being a vegan for so long, and yet my thighs are still thunderous. I found that swimming does amazing things for toning my thighs and it made them look so much better! Unfortunately, I despise being wet anywhere other than my shower, so I never stuck with it.