thighs lumpy

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  1. I'm very unhappy at the mo with my legs upper thighs at the back there very lumpy looking to me.. I think its cellulite i want them smooth. I've been using cellulite cream and tried dry brushing. In my job i do stand all day... could this be the cause.. Any idea or solution's I be grateful:yes:
  2. I run. A lot. I am genetically cursed (and I like food) and that is the only thing that keeps my fat hiney in check.
  3. excercise, excercise, excercise. drink plenty of water. eat healthy. you can also massage your thighs, anything to keep the fat loose and moving. you may not be able to completely eliminate it but you can get rid of most of it. and guess what? guys don't really seem to care which I've always found odd.
  4. ^yeah iv found that men dont really care too. and exercise is the key. jog, or power walk and do lots of squats. twice a day i walk for 20 mins really fast so it makes me out of breath and i always run up stairs, its good for your butt.
  5. thanks girls I'll get jogging from today on
  6. Drinking water is good (up to 2 litres a day) but be careful not to drink too much as it can take essential minerals out of your body. Specific exercise for thighs, brisk walking and brushing with a loofah are good as well.

    Dandelion coffee (don't know where you live but in the UK it can be bought from any health food shop) and Goji berry juice are excellent for reducing cellulite.

    Good luck. ;)
  7. as everyone said drinking water is good..

    youcould also do lpg ( or endermologie (sP) i think its also called) its a machine that moves around trapped fat to help get rid of cellulite.. im about to start treatment and have heard that it works wonders
  8. cool I most look into that I think m y Down Fall is not exercising enough and I do love my tea :sad:
  9. Exercise and Drinking lots of water as everyone else suggested. However, NOTHING will get rid of it totally. I've been working out all of my life--was a cheerleader and on the dance squad in high school...jogged in college and beyond. Still jog today but mostly walk (aerobic walking). My legs were always one of my best features but after our last son (he is 4) I noticed that my legs just have never been the same...LOL. My thighs are not looking like they they before.
    I asked my husband his opinion and he says he thinks I'm nuts (men really don't notice--my husband loves my legs)...but I know they are different. I guess they aren't so bad so I will not complain..could be worse but still bothers me but not to the point where I won't wear shorts or I'm comfortable..I just wish someone would invent something to take it away completely...once that comes..I'm going to be among the first in line!