Thigh High Socks

  1. Okay. So I'm currently OBSSESSED over getting a pair of thigh high socks after seeing a pair on the mannequin at Bebe. However, the pair there costs 33 CAD and I am not willing to spend that much money on a pair of socks.
    Does anyone know where's a good place that would sell thigh high socks for under 20 bucks (USD or CAD)?
    I want a pair of black ones with no designs although I wouldn't mind vertical stripes and I want them to be knit (either opaque or barely see-through).
  2. ^Now, you have me wanting thigh high socks! =P
  3. American Apparel has a bunch. Most are under $20 :smile:
  4. ^^ cool! thanks!

    you should get a pair too!
    they're soo hot!
  5. How high do you want them? I got some from the Bay the other day and they are all $12-16. Mine are only over the knee, though.
  6. H&M has some, in several different colours, including black. So if there is a H&M where you live, it might be worth a visit. I'm thinking of getting some too!
  7. I went to American Apparel today and bought the chain link ones in black. I wanted to get the grey ones also but since I wasnt sure if they would look good or fit well I only purchased one pair. I was skeptical because im short with legs on the muscular side but was pleasantly suprised to find they fit well (minimal bulge), they also stay up and are comfy. They go right up to about an inch or 2 below the rear but I can fold them down if I want them shorter. I'm satisfied but $17 is quite steep IMO for socks so although I want them in other colors as well... I going to look around first. BTW, I was also thinking of the white with stripes but as a short girl I'm not sure if they would make my legs look thicker. Any thoughts?

    Rasberry - does "the bay" mean bay area or is that a store name? =P Any length pretty much works for me.

    Joanna - thanks for letting me know about H&M, I had no idea they carried those. Do you know how much they ran costwise? Thanks much!
  8. Just bought some thigh high socks from american apparel and now am clueless as to what to wear them with in public:confused1:
    Any body have any thoughts or pics? TIA:flowers:
  9. ^imo, they don't really look good with anything other than the AA unitards or short shorts. they were also on the VS 2007 show, but again, it was paired with bra and panties.

    they're comfy to wear around the house, but you won't get a lot of use out of them.

    thigh high socks, are like stockings, you can wear them under skits or whatever. though i don't think you'd like the cable knit socks under a skit, it'd jive the effect of wearing long gym socks under a skirt and that's a no go.

    but sheer thigh highs are a really good option to tights, as you don't have to pull anything down when you go to the bathroom.

    but yeah, other than around the house, or maybe a "slutty" costume party, i really wouldn't recommend those AA socks for anything but comfort.
  10. Thanks! I guess I'll just use them for around the house!
  11. AA ones are good and H&M has ones that are ok.

    I wear them with shorts and skirts - jsut make sure they aren't TOO short and wear some sort of flats with them or if you heels do a chunky wedge heel. They're pretty skimpy so make sure it's the only thing on you that is......
  12. Thanks! Do you have any pics of the outfits you suggested?
  13. I have them and I don't think they make my legs look thicker, but the stripes do make them look shorter.
  14. Here try this site:

    They have a ton of over the knee and thigh high socks.

    I also got some from Target for 7 or 8 dollars in winter that look just like the aa ones.