Thigh High Boots Yay or Nay

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  1. I bought a pair of black thigh high boots today and I really like them but im worried they look a bit sl*ggy and im not sure what id wear them with in public!! Ive attached a few pics of them with a skirt so let me know what you think. Honest opinions please!!!

    P.S Ignore the mess and the horrible mirror!!

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  2. I think they would look better tighter in the calves but they still r nice!

    I think the proportions are off w/ the baggyness.

    Maybe try a pair of patterend tights or a pair of leggings to further evaluate?

    I wouldn't give up on them just yet :biggrin:
  3. Finding thigh-highs that fit perfectly is always very difficult.

    I know you are prob showing the boots with a short skirt so we can see the boots but I think they woud look better w leggings, slim trous or knee length skirt (which shows the boots as you walk).
  4. i wear mine with leggings or jeans never a skirt it gives a better line i feel and i always wear a long top
  5. I think they look really good on you... I would go with a simpler skirt without so many seams with a statement boot though... to keep it more demure, wear black or dark tights under your skirt.

    Also try the boots with leggings, and skinny jeans. Can I ask the maker of the boots?
  6. I bought them from River Island, £20 off! R.e the skirt, yeh i think it would be better with a simpler skirt, i was thinking like a light blue or even light blue skinny jeans as well, im trying to find a nice pair at the min for summer!
  7. Oh I miss River Island - I haven't been to the UK in ages!
  8. Are you originally from the UK then? River Island does have some good stuff, had hoped to find a pair of nice jeans but wasnt keen on any! Might have to try H n M instead!
  9. I think I would only wear with leggings and a skirt....then again, I don't own any for that reason alone: they really do get a LOT of attention, and it's not safe sometimes to be out wearing them, lol
  10. Interesting to know...still I can always keep them for indoor use... :blush::roflmfao:
  11. No, but my mother is British and I've been several times to visit family. I miss the shopping!
  12. i dont know the price but if they were cheap id say SCORE!!!! I think they look great! if youve paid a decent could might be able to get a better fit. Id like to see a side view...with heel and all. Overall from what youve posted. they look great.
  13. like another member said, I don't like the proportions. Sorry...
  14. They were £39.99 which I thought for the shop and the boots was a decent price which certainly tempted me! I will try get a side view shot to post!