Thieves broke in our apartment, as consolation spared our LV's

  1. Yesterday morning me and my flatmate were out shopping and had some massage done. When we came back to our apartment (Dublin, City Centre), our apartment door lock was forced opened! Theives broke into our flat! :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
    They stole our 42" Plasma TV, XBox 360 console & games, DVD player, 2 laptops, 2 cell phones, ipod, ipod speakers, cash (Euros 5,000) and other jewelries!
    The cash was inside my flatmates luggage which they forced open.
    The thieves spared ALL our LV bags and luggages! (To our relief and LV gods on our side?)
    My Hampstead MM, Palermo MM, Speedy 30 Monogram and my flatmates Alma Epi, Spedy Monogram 25, Monogram Bucket, Monogram Keepall, Epi Pochette, Monogram Pochette, Nolita, etc. Actually all of our LV bags and luggages were left or thankfully spared by the thieves! (worth more than the combined amount of what as stolen)
    We are really upset and stressed of what had happened but still in a way thankful that the broke in happened when we were not there.
    Detectives are now investigating our apartment, took some fingerprints and hopefully catch those burglars :cursing:
    We and our LV's had a lucky escape from their hands.
    Hope this sad incident happend to us may remind fellow tpf'ers to always make sure to secure your homes and properties!
  2. :wtf: its a good thing none of you got hurt.. ( and no LVs got hurt as well) .. but wow they took a lot, i hope the detectives catch them..
  3. omg... thank god nothing happes to both of u and ur lvs :p
    it's been crazy lately
  4. good thing you weren't hurt! Good luck with everything! One of my worst fears!
  5. Glad you're ok .. that is the main thing.
  6. you poor thing! thats just awful. I'm sorry you have had to experience that. xx
  7. Sorry to hear about the robbery, but I am glad that nobody was hurt.
    I guess the burglars were not very fashionable! :smile:
  8. What the hell is up with all these tPF'ers homes getting broken into? I'm making sure all my stuff is locked up good! I'm so glad they left your LV !
  9. At least you didn't get hurt! And at least they left your LV! Maybe they didn't know the value?
  10. I'm so sorry you were burglarized, and look at you! Trying to find the silver lining!
    I hope you have good insurance & can get your goods replaced!
  11. i am sorry this happened to you. Most importantly your not injured.
    I hope that they find the thieves.
  12. Thank goodness you are both ok (and the LV's) ... it's just awful that this happened to you and your flatmate ... hope they catch them and they get what they deserve!
  13. I feel awful for you!
    Again thank goodness you were not hurt, and it seem like they wer after electronics!
    It's a good thing that did not realize the value of your LV's!
  14. Aww I'm sorry about what happened. Luckily they didn't take your LV. I would be devastated if they did. You gotta be careful around the holiday season. Wish you luck and like everyone said, they'll either be catch or karma will get to them.
  15. thank god you weren't hurt!!! but i'm so sorry about what happened to you and your roommate. i'm very surprised they didn't take the LV's too - i mean you have to be bonkers to want to break into someone's house, but to leave the LV's while doing it. maybe they were paranoid about the serial numbers, which reminds me that i should take down the serial numbers from my bags [in case someone steals my LV's, i'll be partially prepared].
    well just remember karma is a b****!!!!! happy holidays and my heart goes out to you.