1. I'm thinking about purchasing a Thickskin VIP, but have never seen one IRL. Can any of you tell me what you think of this bag? I'm particularly concerned about whether it's heavy (I have a bad back) and whether it's pretty durable. There hasn't been a lot of talk about Thickskins on the PF, and I rely on you lovely ladies when I make my handbag purchase decisions!:flowers:

  2. I'm afraid I have no idea what a Thickskin is, but hopefully someone else does! :biggrin:
  3. If you do a search on here for Thickskin, I am pretty sure it will pull up something with some info from someone who has one.

    I have two bucket bags, one in Jungle, and one in Black Cannibal. I have pics in a thread around here somewhere....:s I don't think they are heavy at all.

    You can email Cordila at their site, to ask her what the VIP weighs. She is super helpful. I believe she is stilll having a sale on their in-stocks bags.

    Good luck!

    Hope these links will help you out~

    Here's mine:
  4. Hi, Bjara. I did search the old threads, but didn't find much. I think this is still a pretty obscure brand. I also talked to Cordila. She was generally VERY helpful, but not about weight -- she just said that everyone's tolerance varies. Thanks for your help though!
  5. Did she tell you how much the VIP actually weighs? Just that might be a help too. :yes:
  6. She said she didn't know how much it weighed, which I thought was kinda interesting. She IS the designer after all. No matter, I think I've pretty much murdered my credit card for a while!
  7. Well, it's interesting. When I ordered mine, they were still in production. She is in NY. My bag came from a small company that manufactures handbags and leathergoods. (eek, forgot the name of it now) in California. Not Thickskin.

    It's possible that she didn't have any bags there with her. But then again, she should still know the weight of her bags. :confused1: