Thickskin Handbags?

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  1. Has anyone ever bought a Thickskin bag or seen one in person? I've only seen them online, but I was wondering about the quality. Here are a few pictures and information from the website. Thanks!

    The VIP bag (The one I want...:love: )


    The Rockstar Bag

    The Vice VIP bag

    The Manbag :lol:

    The Bucket
  2. LOL - I love these bags...I bought a bucket last month - it has been on backorder; I should have it early next month, April.

    This will be my first Thickskin bag, I plan to purchase more of them if the bucket becomes one of my faves.

    I will be sure to post pics and give a full quality rundown when it arrives. :biggrin:
  3. Oh, the VIP in that tan color is available, on sale, at

    I believe it was marked down to $440.
  4. I've been stalking that site trying to decide. I emailed them and they told me that the bag is darker in person; the picture makes it look much lighter than it is.
  5. If it were darker that would be good, IMO.

    It is a real great price - I wonder how many they have left?

    I don't think I'll get my bucket to tell you about the leather for at least 7-14 more days.
  6. Loganz, which color did you get?
  7. I got the black cannibal leather; it will have black zippers, and a hammered copper buckle.

    I have been waiting so long for it, I kind of forget that it is coming.

    Would you believe I don't have a black bag right now. :biggrin:
  8. Oooh, yummy! :love:

    Just curious, were you able to use any of the promo's on the bag? I am finding it hard now to purchase a bag that I can't find a deal on! :lol:
  9. Nice, casual, vintage-y bags. Love them. Will be checking them out.
  10. Blondette does not offer the full Thickskin line; I bought the black bucket direct from the Thickskin website. No promos :sad:
  11. Those look like tough bags! Is it really durable and tough? I'd get one if it is!
  12. As soon as mine arrives I will be sure and start a thread, or post to this one.

    Thickskin is a small company and when I had questions about inventory and my order it was the owner/founder of the company who was emailing me back. She even answered my first question on a Sunday. :smile:

    I may have had to wait a while for the bag, but, the service has been great so far, and I don't mind waiting for quality product that is not mass produced.
  13. ^^ thanks! Do let me know. Very interested!
  14. They are sold at a store about 30 minutes from where I live. After seeing your email, I became intrigued (I also love that VIP), and I'm going to check them out today.
    I will let you know!
  15. Awesome, can't wait to hear more about them. Have a fun shopping day. :biggrin: