Thick leather - heavy bags?

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  1. Speaking to a small renowned french tannery who produces for Hermes and the like, I hear that there is a trend coming for VERY thick and purposefully heavy leather. The tannery is actually introducing extra weight to their leathers on purpose by adding an additional compound in the process. In design, the goal has all always been to REDUCE weight and make handbags as light and comfortable to carry as possible. What do you all think about this emerging trend? Does heavier, thicker leather signal higher quality? Would you prefer a bag that is heavy but feels more rich in texture - or is lighter, more comfortable your preference? Lets discuss!
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    I've had caiman croc and stingray bags too heavy for other parts of the bag and tore apart. All components need to be equally strong to cope with the extra weight, that includes waxed cord thread, rivets, glue etc.

    Outside leather isn't of course the only factor of weight, hardware and construction is another. My guess is these will have no lining like some of my more rustic vintage saddle leather pieces.
  3. :thinking:
    I read the tpf contradictions:
    1) bags are too heavy
    2) bags should last forever
    Probably, companies hear same things.
    So try new gimmicks to increase sales.
    Thickness lark probably is another.

    I believe, with good materials & effective design--things have natural weight.
    And last awhile, but not forever.
    Every time a company f***s around with cutting production cost/time, by substituting in some gimmick, quality suffers.

    Suggest they spray paint these heavy items with graffiti logos &/or in pink tones.
    Usually attracts trend buyers well.;)
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  4. Yes, and
    Bags are too heavy
    Leather is too thin
    I remember everyone complained that Koobas were too heavy and when they used lighter leather everyone complained.
  5. So true.
    I'm not launching my bags into space, or hauling auto salvage inside--so they can weigh more than 4 oz.:biggrin:
    But let the weight be natural, from good materials. Not added by gimmicky processes to hoodwink consumers.
  6. I personally hate to carry heavy bags. I have received some as gifts through the years and always ended up selling or gifting them. While I can appreciate the beauty of many bags comfort comes first for me. Balenciaga leather and Celine cabas leather weight are more my style. My one relative is a bag addict and has bought some stunning bags but when I hold them I think how uncomfortable to carry. As I look in her closets you see many like new or untouched bags sitting there and wonder if comfort stops her from using these bags.
    People have different taste and there will always be bags that meet y persons needs.

    I buy what I like and will wear and am not into the trends of having some designer or magazine tell me that it is must to buy the latest product someone is setting. There will always be something new to replace what might be considered old, out of fashion or last years model.

    I also think it is easy to have a favorite bag or style and become a person who may purchase the same item in different sizes or colors because it works so well for their life.
  7. From what I understand we are talking 2-3mm thick leather which is nearly double the usual handbag spec. I think you are right, definitely unlined. I get the thickness and it can be beautiful as it will also allow the leather to 'roll' in a beautiful way, I just don't get the extra added weight for no reason.
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  8. I agree with natural weight, when it comes from high quality materials that are not tampered with too much. Thin leather in most cases means cheap leather, because less resources are used to make. But thin often also means weak and thin leather doesn't fall nice. (Some brands embrace it - and make a success of it- i.e. Balenciaga). But when thin leather gets overly reinforced and loses its natural character, it inevitably becomes heavy in an unnatural way. An interesting detail - by bonding leather to something else, what adds the most weight is actually the glue.

    In the end, the more you have to do to the bag to compensate for poor material choices, the less beautiful it seems to become in several senses of the word.
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  9. I have not heard of this.. what happened, did they go back to the original leather? :smile:
  10. If you are a woman of a “certain age” (such as myself) you may want to consider will I be able to comfortably carry this bag in 5,10, or 15 years from now. What is a light carry right now may seem like carrying a sack of bricks in a few years, depending on where you are in life.
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  11. No they didn't unfortunately. They used to have some beautiful thick lambskin but switched to thinner leather and quality just went downhill. I still love my old Koobas!
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  12. Thicker leather - heavier - less use due to weight - lasts longer :P kind of make sense but I am not a fan of heavy bags so I won't go for thicker leather on purpose. To me the touch and feel of leather matter more than the thickness. I would only get smaller bags in leather and larger bags in nylon or canvas, both with minimal hardware, so that I can get the best of both worlds.
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  13. Yes, exactly! Very little consideration is given to how a bag will work for us as we age. It might be thick and heavy and durable now but you do not see 70+ women with giant bags and backpacks and totes for a reason. Aside from having nothing much to carry after a certain age, the ability to carry heavy/big bags is limited. I work with senior women and arm/shoulder/back pain prohibits about 80% or more of them from carrying anything more than a clutch.
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  14. *DEAD @ '...spray paint...with graffiti logos and/or in pink tones...*
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  15. I definitely like the look and feel of super heavy leather, but probably not as a wearable item. If I got one because of design aesthetics I probably wouldn't use it.
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