Thick, Bouncy Hair Help!

  1. What can I do to get thick hair? It is normally thick, but the ends look like this:
    even when it is straight! It doesn't seem to matter how my stylist cuts it, how often I get it trimmed, what I put in it, how I style it, I just have these yucky stringy ends.

    I want it to look like this:

    I should add, it normally is pretty flat on top too, not full of volume and bouncy like hers. I've even tried setting it on velcro rollers for volume, but that always falls flat too.

    My hair is naturally about as wavy as the girl in the first pic, but I typically straighten it. I go about 2-3 days without washing it, but I do have to touch up my grey roots every 3 weeks or so. It is layered, but not heavily.

    Any advice?? My stylist can make it look good when he does it, but after I wash it and style it myself, it's back to strings.
  2. You tried any volumizing and thick shampoos, and follow up with volumizing and thick hair products. Also, ask your stylist for some tips, he will help you out too
  3. ^^Yup, I've tried the shampoos and sprays, conditioners, etc. I have a cabinet full of "failed" products. =( I asked my stylist, and while he showed me how to make it appear a little thicker (I was flat ironing it wrong apparently?), the ends still look yuck. His last reccommendation was Redken's Anti-Snap leave-in conditioner. Even after I started ironing it the way he told me, it would last until I walked out the door, and then it was flat all over again.

    I would even be fine with it being flat half the time if the ends weren't so disgusting.
  4. Your ends don't have to be like that, you just need to be triming your hair regulary. First of all I would get a good few inches cut off so all the stringy ends are gone, then get it trimmed every 6 weeks. It will grow (slowly) but you will be getting rid of the dead ends.

    As for volume you said your stylist does a good job maybe you can ask them how they do it and ask them to show you how to use the round brush? The round brush really does work wonders when you learn how to do it properly! x
  5. ^ ita! Also use Ojon volumizing products. They really work!
  6. Thanks for the advice! I had about 4 inches or so cut off last time I went, and I get it trimmed probably every 4-6 weeks. I was thinking that maybe I was frying it by heat styling it, but I rarely wash it, let alone dry and straighten it anymore. I think you're right about the round brush. I *attempt* to use one, but I have never been shown how to properly use it. I was mainly trying to use it to kind of curl the ends under to "glue" them together or mask that stringiness.

    I had asked him at one point to completely cut the layers out so it would look uniform at the bottom but he told me that would look awful on me. He's a really good stylist, so I know the problem is something I am doing.

    Do the Ojon products have a lot of alcohol, if any? I'm beginning to wonder if the BLOW products I use (thickening spray and heat protectant) aren't part of the problem since one of the first few ingredients on both is alcohol?
  7. I think there are several problems going on here from everything you've said, but I am not a hair stylist or anything, just really fanatical about my own hair:

    1) Too many layers so the ends pieces are stringy. I've had my hair stylist cut a few too many layers in my hair before and it can make the ends look really thin and weird.

    2) Need to cut some off the bottom (to get rid of the too many layers problem) and to get rid of unhealthy ends.

    3) Trim more frequently

    4) Find products that work for you. I have found that one of the only things that will work for my hair is Biolage Ultra Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. If I don't use it my hair is a hot mess, but with it, my hair looks 100x times better. I blow out my hair and straighten it (it's not quite as curly as yours) probably 5-6 days a week and it still looks great- my stylist always tells me how healthy it looks despite my frequent flat ironing and washing.
  8. I have thick, naturally wavy hair too and for me, the only way to get it looking like the second photo is a lot of time and elbow grease - there's no shortcut to that look, you gotta blow out, set in rollers etc. etc. and it takes FOREVER. It takes me so long (and I'm not very good at it) that I usually just give in and go to the salon for a wash/blowout/style.
  9. Get rid of the layers. I had the same problem for years (I have extremely kinky rough hair) and the layers are not helping. Establish a good regime for your hair with masks and oils, dye them a darker colour to appear thicker, and learn to use the blow dryer.
    I also find the huge velcro hair rollers to help if I have plenty of time and don't want to use a hair dryer.
  10. A product to prevent frizzing should help give you a slicker, shinier look. I use one daily.

    To avoid frizz, you must also avoid heat on your hair as it open the follicles. My hair stylist told me to think of hairs as having scales, like petals on a pine cone. Heat and abrasion opens the scales. So I wash in warmish water, not hot and do not rub my hair with a towel - I blot it. Then I add an anti-frizz product by smoothing it in and then combing lightly to distribute and get out tangles. I let it air dry.

    This regime won't give you straight hair, but will help lots with giving you shiny waves.

    If you find the frizz products too expensive for your long thick hair, go to a horse supply shop and get Cowboy Magic detangle and shine. Works just as great as Frizz Ease and costs far less! I've been using it for a few years.

    Good luck!
  11. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions everyone! I'm going to try them all out!

    Lily25, what do you mean when you say learn to use the blow dryer? Do you mean learn to use it with the round brush? Or that I need to invest in a better quality one? I've been tempted to try an expensive one if I knew it would do anything differently than my Conair.
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    I will explain in detail!!! I have a professional hair dryer my ex ex ex hairdresser recommended, it is not a brand I got it from a beauty school locally.

    You must know the basics of how to blow dry your hair with a big brush in sections right? Now, what I do is dry my hair until they are 30% wet or even less (if you have tons of time you can air dry it too), then start blow drying with hot air each little section and before the section is cold roll it with a big velcro roller or wait the hair to cool with the hair around the brush. Does this make any sense? Don't aim to make the hair sleek (like at the salon) just hot, when you will remove the roller and hair is cold it will be bouncy and silky. I work from the front to the back. First the Mohawk section then the sides and last the back (in two rows, parted in the middle).

    Make sure to have the big rollers (have you seen the models on shows before they go out on the catwalk?), they give volume without curling.

    This is how my kinky hair looks like with this method, in a humid climate like London's. Unfortunately my hair is naturally not shiny at all, but if I used a product for shine they'd look better, but I haven't found one that works for me.
  13. If your ends look like this even though you get trims regularly, I think your problem is breakage due to dry ends. Try a great conditioner (of course) and additionally a moisturizing leave-in serum/conditioner JUST for your ends. This works for me to stop/limit breakage.
  14. Thanks so much! I do have velcro rollers (big and medium) so I will try that this afternoon before I go out.

    ^^I wish the oil from my scalp would come down and penetrate my ends! :smile: What conditioners do you use for this? I have the Moroccan Oil shampoo & conditioner, but I do alternate with some cheaper stuff (Dove, Victoria's Secret) on occasion.
  15. ^^ I know, right? Of course the oil from the scalp would work if it weren't for the fact that's in the wrong place... haha, it's not easy being a girl!

    Right now I use Kerastace Resistance "Ciment Thermique". It's a heat protection leave-in conditioner, but I only use it on my ends. I only have it cause my mom gave it to me. For anything except conditioner I do drugstore as well! Just try something from the drugstore that says moisturizing and/or heat protector and make sure you get your ends. Just don't use Pantene, it leaves nasty residue (at least the conditioners do).