they've stollen by bag ... not my dignity ;)

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  1. hi guys,

    First, thank you everyone for the kind words about the lost of my bag !

    As you could imagine, the week was not easy for me but i'm sure everything will be OK soon :yes:

    I've received new credit cards (the cards are all glossy, never used LOL), new keys and tomorrow i'll pick up my car at the garage where they have changed the lock.

    To begin my recovery, i've bought yesterday a new pochette cles, i've picked up the damier one.

    The pochette is my new baby where i've put my new cards, small papers, change and coins.

    i've startet a new wish list on and i'm thinking about going to paris in december to purchase a new bag and new accessories.

    I'm thinking about :

    - Naviglio Damier messanger bag
    - a new Groom agenda (i had the blue one but i'll take the red)
    - a antigua PM pochette

    i need a new keychain but i'll see what will be available at the champ Elysee store (i have the silver mirroir in mind).

    Love also the new pastille phone strap who could be hanged on the bag zipper pul.

    I will never wish what i've experienced to my darkest ennemy, it's such a psychologic pain and seems like a mountain to climb when it's surrounded with other little problems. :crybaby:

    The show must go on !

  2. I'm so sorry something like this happend to you. Just be grateful that it was something that's replaceable, and that no harm was physically done to you. I know emotionally you're hurt, and I hope that you can recover from this. Take care, and keep on shopping
  3. I'm glad to hear things are getting back to normal again. I know it's awful to loose so much in one go but think how much fun shopping for the replacements will be :yes:
  4. Good spirit! Yes, the show must go on. This is just a little bump in the road and glad to hear you are back on track!!!
  5. Fred...happy to hear things are getting back to normal! Your wishlist sounds great...enjoy the shopping!
  6. shopping is a great therapy :yes:

    continue shopping at LV and we're all glad nothing bad happened to you. :smile:
  7. So sorry this happened! I am glad to see you're rebuilding your collection!
  8. I'm glad that you are taking it well! Happy Shopping! Can you shop for me too? I can give you a list! :smile:
  9. wow im impressed at your quick.. recovery? I would still be moaning and depressed.. so well done!! congrats for buying the damier pochette, good start! Im happy that things are back to normal for you..
  10. I feel for you Fred, great spirit you got there considering you almost given up on buying anything designers.

    Happy shopping, don't forget to share us the pics.
  11. I really feel for you and the hassle you have gone through to get your life back on track. It seems like you have the right attitude. Good luck.
  12. I'm glad to hear that you've started to rebuild your collection - good luck with that and know that we are sending our best wishes to you!
  13. So glad you sound like you're on the road to recovery. Best wishes for continued happiness.
  14. Best wishes for continued happiness
  15. Glad to hear you are recovering nicely...I don't think I would be able to handle it like you did. Enjoy you new cles!