They´re very nice at!

  1. Due to a stock issue my christmas-bayswater-order accidently got cancelled. Horror!!! But now I have my hopes up again!

    They treat you in the nicest possible way and you get very fast responses on your questions!

    Just wanted to share my festive spirit! ;)

    To flyvetjo - posted a little vet-answer to you in the previous thread (don´t know how long you keep the threads active).
  2. OOO, hope you get sorted for Christmas then! But you don't have to have a Mulberry to be welcome on here!! Just a good sense of humour is all thats required!!xxxx
  3. It´s one of the great qualities of this forum that you don´t need a Mulberry to hang around! Although I spotted and fell for the forum by a reason... or obsession... or desire may be the most true description - I really like the Mulberry brand and of course wished to a proud owner.

    Nevertheless all the good spirit and really nice kind of humour that fill all the threads is really a reason to spend time here! Hm, sounds a bit pompous but I´m really excited!

    Thanks again for warm welcoming! I will enjoy hanging around here with you!
  4. Are they able to get your bag??? Net a Porter has the oak bayswater in stock. I hope you get your bag real soon!!!!
    I can't wait to open mine!!!! Must be patient......
  5. Hope it works out OK mymlan *fingers crossed*
  6. all the more reason to buy Mulberry, their customer service is wonderful. I have yet to meet a snobby SA or be disappointed with a Mulberry Sales Assistant customer service.

  7. ooh- hope you get your bayswater in time for xmas!!! have sent you a message by the way!!