They're Taunting Me!!!

  1. Hi, ladies! My first post here was asking about the outlet in Orlando - blah blah, closest outlet to me is 4 hours away, blah blah. So anyhoo, I went to the outlet in Orlando where I bought my new baby (chocolate sig ergo tote). I was not supposed to be spending any more money than I had on my gift cards...and I went $125 over. Not a huge deal, but still...I call home, I'm on business trip, child being a toot, husband frustrated, and I'm getting ready to spend more than I planned.

    While I was there, I held in my hot little hand a flower charm (like so many have purchased recently) priced at $9.99. Do I absolutely love charms and keyfobs? Yes! Did I buy it? NO!!! :wtf:

    Why? Why? Why? :cursing: What was I waiting for? Did I expect the hand of God to descend from the sky and put the flower charm on the counter next to my new chocolate sig ergo tote? Now, it's too late. I've sent my friends in other cities to their outlets, and there are no flower charms to be had! :hysteric:I don't want to buy one off eBay because they're much more than $9.99, and I don't want the new one b/c the $9.99 one has the colors that match my favorite wallets. I keep seeing them on everyone's bags, and my need grows and grows.

    I know that I'm not the only one here who has diagnosable OCD, specific only to Coach. You understand where I'm coming from, right?

    So, for those of you who are blessed with nearby outlets, do any of them still have the flower charms for $9.99? If so, I'll do a charge/send to an outlet near one of my friends in Austin.

    Thanks in advance! I'm heading to b-e-d for tonight, will be back online tomorrow as soon as I get home - can't believe it took me so long to find this forum! I love it here!!!:flowers::flowers::flowers: Thanks again!!!
  2. ...and a bulletin just arrived addressed to me from the Department of the Obvious...I should probably call Orlando and see if they have any left, huh?
  3. i think they only had a pink signature flower in the round rock/austin outlet
  4. LOL ~ i was so concerned for you reading your post, lol... it's definitely a bad feeling when you look bad and say "why didn't i!?!" for something like that. like, if it were a bag, you could reason it by saying it was too expensive, but for a charm, it's frustrating when in hindsight you feel like you should've gotten it. i think like you said - going that little bit over the giftcard probably made you nervous at the moment so the charm would've made you feel more guilty.

    I would definitely call the outlet!!!! Let us know what happens, and good luck! :smile:
  5. I'm giving up on the flower charm - I'm trying to be reasonable here - there must be some other wonderful Coach toy out there for me, because this one just isn't happening! DH told me to get it off eBay, and I just couldn't pay $25 for it, knowing full well that it cost $9.99. Soooo...when that wonderful thing comes my way, I'll post pics!! :yes:
  6. you are too cute! ;) I am so sorry you missed out on it, but atleast you got your bag! I hope something comes your way soon sweetie! :yes:
  7. Last Sunday I saw flower charms at my local outlet - I didnt see how much they were sadly...but here is the phone number 303 - 814 - 0750
    Castle Rock Outlet in Castle Rock Colorado
  8. Thank you all so much! I'll give it one more try and then if it doesn't work out, I'll be anxiously awaiting more new Spring pretties! There's a new boutique opening "soon" at the mall 1.5 miles from my house...which may be a weeee bit dangerous!!! :graucho:
  9. No advice, but I know how you feel. I actually drove to my local outlet (1 hr each way) specifically because ladies on here said they got that flower charm for $9.99. But alas, my outlet had none. :sad: So I just bought one off of eBay for $26 because it bothered me so much that I really wanted it (and driving to the outlet again would have cost me $16 in gas anyway, so it kind of evens out).

    Good luck!
  10. Thank you so much everyone! It seems like all the other coachies out there were more on the ball than me - they're sold out everywhere I call - I really appreciate how you ladies understand, and for helping me out - there's no better source of info than this forum! I got out my collection today and took pics, and now I'm not so freaked out - I'm playing with some of my old toys :heart: and getting ready to post in the collections thread. Again, thank you!!!
  11. omg why doesn't my outlet get good stuff in ever...