THEY'RE SELLING FAKES AT MY UNIVERSITY!! and what I did about it...

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  1. The SHOCK! The HORROR! Ok I don't go to Harvard or Yale (yet anyway:graucho:) but a university is a university and should have some standards. I was on my way to get some lunch today when BAM! UGLY ORANGE RUBBERY FENDI. I was like :amazed::weird::sick:. Then I saw some Coach, and upon closer inspection, some Gucci! ALL FAKE. ALL with the logos/names spelled correctly.

    Why is this wrong? Not only is this illegal, but it is immoral for several reasons. Fakes support child labor (and other things, google it), and fall apart quickly. They also don't come cheap. I used to believe that anything sold at my university was legal and safe..until now. Other well-intentioned students who may not be bag-fanatics may therefore think these bags are real and at a good price. The seller only tells them they are "replicas" (still not telling them they are illegal) if they ASK.

    What I did: I've never done anything like this at all but once I got the ball rolling I just went at it. When no one was taking me seriously I decided to do everything I could to prove them that it IS important. Its not just about bags either, its also the principle. I doubt they'd let me sell dope on campus. What about some rolex's? How about I put some home-made soda in a coke can and sell it? So I ran around campus for hours as people told me to "take it to someone else", and eventually:
    - Informed the Student Union who authorized the dealer to sell. When they brushed me off I..
    - Talked to the Police. They filed a report and will.."let me know in a few days". So I..
    - Called the City Police and asked them if this was legal. They informed me that it was ILLEGAL, but can not make any arrests or force anyone to do anything unless the companies (ie Fendi) make a complaint. So I..
    - Filed a complaint to the student life office about the student union for allowing this without checking things out and ignoring me when I pointed the facts out.
    - Talked to the editor of the school newspaper who took interest and investigated the case immediately, promising to put it in the paper.
    - Contacted other reporters for some main newspapers for the city/local areas. One of them got back to me and forwarded the info to her editor because she thinks its juicy stuff ("Respectable University allowing the sale of Illegal Goods").

    Phew! So yeah, tiring day, sorry for the rant but this is my small piece in preventing people from wasting money on knock offs. I HATED how everyone looked at me like.." Who cares? You expect us to DO something about this?". What the :rant:. They made me feel like I was doing something wrong :crybaby:Did I?
  2. You are NOT doing something wrong -- you are the ONLY person who is doing right.

    Good for you for not being willing to stand by and watch counterfeit items being blatantly sold in front of you!
  3. Wow! It takes courage to do what you did! Thats awesome!
  4. GOOOOD job, girl!

    i'm proud of you! :]

    you MOST DEFINITELY .. did something right NOT wrong!
  5. i totally think you did the right thing! keep us informed as to what happens!
  6. That's awesome! Good for you for taking the initiative! I hope it makes it into the city paper and the vendor gets shut down.
  7. I'm very proud of you! We need more people like you to fight against the idiots that sell fakes! You're very resourceful.
  8. You are awesome! Good job. Let us know how things go.
  9. What a courageous girl ! you did a great job :tup:!keep us informed
  10. Wow! You really followed through with this. Honestly, if it had been me, I probably would have given up after step one.

    Let us know how it goes!
  11. Wow, great efforts!
  12. Wow! I admire your persistance! :tup:
    Be proud of your activism, most of us would have looked the other way. :shame:
    Reading your experience is very encouraging.

    Thanks for sharing and keep us posted on the outcome!
  13. Good Job!!
  14. good job! im so proud of u!! i was a reporter and im SO sure they will eat that up
  15. Thanks for the support! I felt silly at times but I'm glad I encouraged some people, maybe if more of us acted on issues we care about (not just bags) we could get something done.

    Just a thought I'd like to share: While attending the 3rd International Women's Peace conference in July, a piece of advice that stuck with me is that caring is NOT enough. If you don't DO something its meaningless and you end up "supporting" whatever it is you "care" about. So basically if you CAN do something, no matter how small (and don't say you don't have time if you have time to read this on tpf), then do it. I usually apply that to social issues and human rights, not bags but then again these bags could have been made by children...
    I'll stop rambling now..thanks for listening.:smile: