they're here!!!!

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  1. so at about 6 pm our new fur babies arrived!!! Pirate is the CUTEST kitten i have ever seen (maybe i am biased lol)....he is more of a cream color with white paws and is so fuzzy...i have a feeling a lot of brushing is coming my way!!! Tyler (formerly Juju) is also a cream color with white and is a little more shy.....Pirate is about three months old and Tyler is about 4-5 months....Tyler seems a little more shy and runs upstairs to hide a bit but just hangs out on the stairs so that is ok....i know they need some time....Pirate just came right in and started playing and sitting on our laps etc....he is really sweet...the eye does not affect hin AT ALL!!! you dont even notice it when you see him....
    Beauty spent a long time crying and going near the gate where they were.....hubby took each kitten and let her sniff them ,,,,i , of course, was nervous but she was a champ!!! just doggie kisses....i am still going to try to keep them seperated for a while because pirate is small....but tyler just goes right up to her....he warmed up to her more than us!!!....good girl beauty!!!i think now she feels that there is someone there to keep her company....
    my three year old is going to need more time to adjust...he LOVES the kittens....maybe too much!!! some training is in order for him!! lol
    I will take pics and post later!!! we just had too much excitement last night....

    i am SO HAPPY we decided to get Pirate.....and Tyler is going to be Beauty's best friend I have a feeling....
  2. yay!! can't wait for pictures :smile:
    why the change from Juju to tyler?
  3. Whoooo Hooooo! Sounds like they have moved right in and taken over the place as all kittens do. LOL Congrats on your new babies. Please take pics asap. Love the name Tyler. I have to say I was not loving the name Juju. LOL
  4. i will take pics today!!
  5. Adorable...congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yeah! Glad they have a good home and that they are adjusting well.
  7. :yahoo:How wonderful!! Sounds like everyone is going to adjust just fine....

    It sounds like Pirate is already thanking you for his wonderful new home. :love: He knows you've saved him.
  8. [​IMG][​IMG]


    ok here are a few pics....i will take more later....right now they are ready for a kitty
  9. ^^They are beautiful!!!!! Your daughter is gorgeous, too!
  10. thank you!! pirate is the instgator it seems....he is constantly jumping on tyler...its too funny....and beauty just keeps whining if i keep her from them...but she is so huge i am a little afraid she may hurt the smaller one by accident for now (and a few weeks) i am going to limit the contact....anyone have any ideas for me???
  11. Could they be any cuter???? They are all adorable including your daughter. She seems to have already bonded with them. I love Tyler's collar. For now I would have supervised time with Beauty and the kittens. Some dogs no matter how big can be very gentle. See how they interact and how scared the cats are of her. I'm sure they will be best buddies in no time. My Cats sleep on my Greyhounds even though the dogs are 70+ pounds. You know your dog best. You will know when to trust her completely.
  12. Boy, they hit the jackpot when they were adopted by your family! Maybe life didn't start out so well for them, but they will be well cared for and loved from now on.

    what an adorable pic of your DD and Tyler; and Pirate looks so soft and cuddly.

    Thanks for sharing photos and bless you for adopting.
  13. Oh wow I am so happy for you!!!!
  14. Aww they're so cute!!! I'm so happy you adopted these two cuties. They're in a much better place now that you've taken them into your home. Sounds like there's going to be a lot of interspecies loving going on.
  15. Awww, what sweet sweet kitties! CUTE!