They're here!!!

  1. My Mulberry delivery just arrived and both bags are gorgeous :yahoo:

    Here are some pics of the tangerine Araline - thanks again to sarajane for showing off hers and giving me the inspiration :tup:
    And some modelling pics with my new waterproof winter coat (I know it's a bit matchy-matchy but I don't care :p)

    It's such a gorgeous shade of orange - bright but not too bright. It'll be perfect for the autumn!
  2. And here is hubby's Antony :heart:

    It's really beautiful - FAR nicer than I was expecting. The perfect size for him and the strap is excellent quality - very secure.

    It's actually a great bag for women, too, as the strap can be shoulder length (as in the pics) or messenger length.

    It's chocolate rio leather so a bit more robust than Darwin, I think.

    It's SO nice - I think he'll be delighted with it. I'm going to give it to him for his birthday at the start of December :yes:
  3. Your tangerine Araline is very beautyful!whoa!!!
  4. Very nice! Love the coat as well.
  5. Both look like great buys dita :tup:

    Are you gonna be able to keep the Antony a secret til December?!
  6. Thanks, ladies, I'm really happy with my new purchases.

    Alycat, I think I'm going to have to keep them *both* a secret until December given that I said no more bags until next year :rolleyes: But, yes, I do tend to buy presents early and then hide them so I'm sure I can keep it a secret. I think he's going to be really happy with it :yes:
  7. They're both lovely :yahoo:
  8. :tup::tup::drool::yahoo:
  9. Love them both, btw how big is the anthony? My Sister in law has what I thought was the anthony (in oak) but hers is quite small, yours looks deeper?

    It is lovely though, I wish my OH would appreciate bags like that, all he will use is an old tatty backpack!
  10. Great buys ditab and love the coat, Boden? I've always livened up my winter wardrobe with red bags before but they can be a bit harsh on grey days. The tangerine is such a brilliant colour all year round.
  11. I recognised your coat too! It is Boden isn't ? love the bags!!
  12. Thanks, all. Yes, the coat is Boden - I love their coats. They're expensive but really good quality & last for ages.

    hulahoop - I'm *hoping* OH will appreciate the Antony. I don't think he'd be too impressed if it was his only present but I'll probably get him some gadget-y type things, too.

    I don't know if the photos make it look wider than it is - it's around 2 inches deep. It's the same size as the Antony on the Mulberry website (26cm x 20cm x 7cm) but it doesn't have the front embossing or the internal pocket. Plus, the website one is darwin (or natural leather) whereas this one is rio.
  13. Great purchases! I'm sure your husband will love the Anthony. I don't know how you can have so much self-control to wait until Christmas!!