They're here, They're here! My new to me CLs!

  1. So technically these are my second pair of Cls since I also bought boots on eBay but I am so excited about them it's like they're my first! They fit like a dream- though my heel is slipping out of the left one a little bit but I am sure I can fix that! They were described on eBay as black with plum undertones but they look more bronzy to me. And the pics I took look silver. True chameleon shoes I guess! They have more toe cleveage than I'm used to but I think I might grow to like it. I adore them regardless and I cannot wait to start wearing them! To what I have no idea.... lol.

    One question- The scales seem to be coming up a little on the back of one of the shoes. Is there something I can do or have done to them to protect them? i heard they can catch on your clothes and get ruined. Thanks!

    I hope it's ok but I went a little picture crazy. :angel: The lighting in my apt is so bad. And my cat wanted in on the action. Lol.
    IMG_6913.JPG IMG_6914.JPG IMG_6918.JPG IMG_6922.JPG IMG_6927.JPG
  2. two more pics- of the scales so you see what I mean and one more silly one.

    i am also trying to decide what to get as my first new new pair. i know which ones i've been coveting but i'm trying to think if i should get something more classic or fun. so many choices!
    IMG_6928.JPG IMG_6930.JPG
  3. I'm too new and don't have an answer for you about the scales, but wanted to tell you the shoes are beautiful and look great on your feet. Congrats
  4. They are lovely!!! What a great eBay find- CONGRATS!
  5. Sorry I don't recognize, but what is this style name? They look like Simples, but it looks like there are cut-outs at the arch?
  6. Wow those are amazing!!!! I love em!
  7. thanks noe, bos and larr!

    xn- yes, there are cutouts on one side. i asked here and a few people said they thought they were merry go rounds. except that they only knew the merry go rounds to come in patent. someone said maybe i got a special order? i couldn't find out anything else about them though i looked!
  8. Those are really pretty. I think that color is pretty cool in that it seems like it'll change and you could wear them with a lot of different things. I have no advice on the scales as I have no scaley shoes, but enjoy them!
  9. thanks zophie! i was thinking the same thing. i want to try them with jeans too. i forgot to say sorry for the embarassing flannel lined jcrew pants! lol. it's cold here!
  10. I remember seeing those on Ebay. I'm glad someone from TPF got them :yahoo:
    Congrats, they are indeed lovely!!!
  11. Oooh, those are hot! :drool: They look great on you, H. Congrats! :nuts:
  12. Congrats. Those are so pretty. They look great on you.
  13. Hi hlfinn,

    This is not uncommon as I bought a pair of Python Palace Zeppas that had the same condition.

    On the larger scales I was able to apply very small spots of clear glue, using the tip of a needle. Although this was tedius it did work. However, when you get to the multitude of smaller scales this is not practical.

    I read somewhere that the scale tips curl when the skin dries out too much. Research on the Internet seemed to suggest that Bees Wax was the correct type of treatment.

    I bought some cleaner/conditioner (Leather Amore) and bees wax (Old No.7) from the Pinnacle Supplies CO (see the link below). I purchased thier [FONT=Geneva, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Pro Leather Care Kit1 . [/FONT]However, I have not yet got around to treating my wife's Python shoes with these products so you will need to make your own judgement on them. I also read, somewhere, that you should NOT use the Mink Oil products that are available.

    Hope this helps.
  14. So cute! Congrats on your find.
  15. they're gorgeous! enjoy them :biggrin: