THey're here! They're here! Come see my new goodies :D

  1. :yahoo: Finally!! My new goodies are home!!!!! Bought them a month ago but had to wait for my supersweet BF to bring them to me from the States... And after giving him a warm welcome home hug, it was time to welcome my new babies.. :love:
    BTW, I got the belt and Novacheck bag in Europe, the latter through the link of luisaviaroma mellyjr posted (thanx for that!! :flowers:) but was anxiously waiting for my mini manor, the hat and the red small quilted bag..

    After this I put myself on a purseban (which may speak for itself, lol!), but I don't mind because I get to enjoy these beauties!!
    (I'm quite excited about them, can you tell?! lol)

    Boy, do I LOVE Burberry... :girlsigh: ;)
  2. Such a pretty collection of Burberrys! I really love the small red quilted bag! :heart:
  3. congrats, enjoy them!
  4. love it.......thanks for sharing
  5. You got some really cute things. I can't wait to get a nova check tote for myself.
  6. [​IMG]

    Wow! What a haul! I love everything!
  7. Congrats! Cute hat!
  8. Love all of your goodies!
  9. omg i love that hat! adorable collection
  10. Love your new goodies! Lovin' that hat!
  11. Congrats- love the check manor!
  12. Great choices!! :tup: I bet the hat looks SO adorable on. Will you wear the matching accessories with the bags or separately?
  13. Thanx ladies for your nice comments!!

    Tigress: I think so, maybe not all the time and probably only 1 accessory at a time with the bag (don't want to come off as a burberry junky, that's a secret I only share with you girls ;)... lol)
    But I do love buying matching stuff!
  14. That hate is so cute!
  15. oooooooooooooooo i loveee ur mini manor... i too have the red small quilted bag and i love it!! congrats xx