They're Here!!!!!!!!!!!! Pre-Fall 2007 Bags

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  1. Hey Ladies - They have Finally Arrived 2007 Pre Fall Looks :party:
    Check out these Gorgeous Jimmy :choochoo: Choo Bags:yahoo::yahoo:

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  2. Here are a couple more:nuts: Go to for more detailed info on these BEAUTIES:drool:

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  3. Wow, :drool:gorgeous, can't wait to see them IRL.

    I wonder why they haven't put them on the JC website :shrugs:
  4. Yes, I agree, I have been checking a couple times a day on the :choochoo: site for a peek at the Fall line and there was no new bags and as of a few minutes ago there was still nothing:shrugs:
  5. Thanks for the pics robyn. This one jumped right out at me! Very pretty. Wonder what the rest other colors will be.

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  6. gorgeous, thanks for the pics!!
  7. Thanks for posting Robyn!

    Samantha, this one caught my eye too; would love it in purple or green:

    I can't wait to see the rest of the pre-fall/fall collection!
  8. Thanks for that!! Wow-they're gorgeous!!
  9. I love the new styles ..thank you so much for posting the pics.
    i wonder if the red one is patent leather?
  10. oooh, the mere mention of "pre fall" gets me all tingly!! Can't wait to see IRL!
  11. Cosmo, I had not even envisioned this in the emerald green until you mentioned it:drool::drool: Wouldn't that be great?
  12. Looks like we're all lusting after the same bag!
  13. I was just on saks' website and noticed all the drool-worthy new bags!! It's so000 great and exciting to see all the new styles start to trickle in. :yahoo:
  14. Oh, one thing I forgot to add:

    My SA at Choo told me that they will have a dark emerald green patent mahala for f/w. It will have a little special effect to it: the front patent panel and the back patent panels will be a little lighter down the center of each panel.

    I also heard Ramona will be stark naked ... er, I mean available in a nude color.
  15. Oh, I love the colors on the first one but don't care for the style... I would love if JC made Riki in this combo, that would be TDF