They're Here!!!!!!!!!!!! Pre-Fall 2007 Bags

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  1. Hey Ladies - They have Finally Arrived 2007 Pre Fall Looks :party:
    Check out these Gorgeous Jimmy :choochoo: Choo Bags:yahoo::yahoo:
    jcanacondahobo.jpg jcliquidpatentclutch.jpg jcmelanasatchel.jpg ranaslicksatchel.jpg jckaarenclutch.jpg
  2. Here are a couple more:nuts: Go to for more detailed info on these BEAUTIES:drool:
    jcrioclutch.jpg jcprintedponyclutch.jpg
  3. Wow, :drool:gorgeous, can't wait to see them IRL.

    I wonder why they haven't put them on the JC website :shrugs:
  4. Yes, I agree, I have been checking a couple times a day on the :choochoo: site for a peek at the Fall line and there was no new bags and as of a few minutes ago there was still nothing:shrugs:
  5. Thanks for the pics robyn. This one jumped right out at me! Very pretty. Wonder what the rest other colors will be.
  6. gorgeous, thanks for the pics!!
  7. Thanks for posting Robyn!

    Samantha, this one caught my eye too; would love it in purple or green:

    I can't wait to see the rest of the pre-fall/fall collection!
  8. Thanks for that!! Wow-they're gorgeous!!
  9. I love the new styles ..thank you so much for posting the pics.
    i wonder if the red one is patent leather?
  10. oooh, the mere mention of "pre fall" gets me all tingly!! Can't wait to see IRL!
  11. Cosmo, I had not even envisioned this in the emerald green until you mentioned it:drool::drool: Wouldn't that be great?
  12. Looks like we're all lusting after the same bag!
  13. I was just on Saks' website and noticed all the drool-worthy new bags!! It's so000 great and exciting to see all the new styles start to trickle in. :yahoo:
  14. Oh, one thing I forgot to add:

    My SA at Choo told me that they will have a dark emerald green patent mahala for f/w. It will have a little special effect to it: the front patent panel and the back patent panels will be a little lighter down the center of each panel.

    I also heard Ramona will be stark naked ... er, I mean available in a nude color.
  15. Oh, I love the colors on the first one but don't care for the style... I would love if JC made Riki in this combo, that would be TDF