They're here! My Matelasse Duo!

  1. Well ladies, my Matelasse's arrived from Bluefly this evening. I have to say, what gorgeous leather~ both the black & brown are TDF!!!!!!!!!!! Too bad I can only keep just one:sad: I've checked them over & they look authentic to me. I'm going to be posting several more pics in *authenticate this* so if you ladies could check it out in a bit & help me out;) I'm trying like heck not to break those flimsy little "do not remove" Bluefly tags. They taped the handles together:push:

  2. Oohhh.. TDF!! :drool: What color are you keeping? I like the brown one! So gorgeous!! :love::love::love:

    What color are the hardwares? Brass or pewter?
  3. congrats, acegirl!!! :yahoo:

    oooo, the matelasse bags are gorgeous!!! I wasn't sure I liked them when they first came out but they really grew on me! I love the black one!!

    how fun that you have the option to pick the one you love!!
  4. Thanks girls! The hardware is shiny silver, which I LOVE~ They are both gorgeous. I thought I wanted the black but man, is the brown yummy too :drool:
  5. OMG,:nuts: i am looking for one of these bags too. :yes: What is the sale price and can i still get one?:sweatdrop:
  6. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yay! I like the black one.
  8. Keep both then! :graucho:
  9. I want the brown one! Saw black and brown at Nordy's today (they were NOT marked down) and must agree they are both stunning. I guess I will have to keep watching Bluefly for returns!
  10. I love the brown one! I saw the medium one at Barneys Bh a while back and it was incredible. I LOVE the little quilted mirror!
  11. Ooh I love the brown! What great bags! I can't believe they were on bluefly. How much were they?
  12. authentic for sure. the black looks exactly like mine that I paid RETAIL for at NM. I love its shiny silver hardware, too. It really fits the bag. I almost feel like the brown would've looked better with antique brass, though. Hmmm. I say keep one, sell the other on eBay! (or return it so another member can grab it). As much as I adore mine, i don't think it's a bag you need in brown and black both.
  13. the brown one looks authentic too! which one are u leaning towards?
  14. I love the brown one most. So pretty!
  15. love the brown!!!