They're Here....(finally!)

  1. Are jumping through a few hoops with FedEx, my babies are here!:yahoo: As i suspected, they must have been sitting on the truck since Saturday because they are BONE COLD (The high here has been in the teens). So after they warmed up, they are ready for a pic or two so here they are... my Ali in black with the matching wrislet.

    I am REALLY loving the Ali in black. This will definitely become an everyday black bag. I thought the white stitching would be too much, but the stitching doesn't look white...maybe an eggshell color, I'm not sure.

    Anyway, I happy :yes: and in love :love: (but I still hate FedEx though :yucky: )
    purse.jpg wrislet.jpg
  2. WOW!
    They are very nice!
  3. Well I'm glad you finally got them. Congratulations! :smile:
  4. gorgeous!!
  5. I'm glad they're finally here!
  6. :yahoo: AWESOME.. i have the legacy one.. look!.. you are going to love your purse.. I love it so much.. [​IMG]
  7. urm,anyone know where i can purchase coach hamptons scribble at a fraction of the original price??or a second-hand one??aside from eBay??
  8. yay congradulations...they both are beautiful
  9. Congrats!!!! Very beautiful!!
  10. Congrats!! Both are so cute!!
  11. I have the Ali in khaki/ebony trim too!:p It was this one that definitely sold me on buying another one in black! Even though they are both Ali's, they really look like two completely different bags.
  12. Congrats! Gorgeous pieces!
  13. I like it a lot! lol! Congrats! You must be sooo happY!
  14. Ohh - love the wristlet.
  15. Love that color!! That style is very popular..I see lots of them ..But that's all anyone wears here b/c that's the only designer store in Syracuse!!!! Congrats!!! :heart: Emmy