They're here!! Come see *pics*!!!

  1. OKay, I admit it the pictures are just a lure to get you in here, because I need advice too!! :graucho:

    Well... thank you to everyone that helped me decide which bags to get from BalNY last week. They arrived today, and I was excited to finally receive them!! :yahoo:

    I :heart: the colors!! That was the first thing that stood out to me. Marine is very much like Ink in color... Sandstone is a very nice neutral. I have comparison pics to show Marine & Ink, and how much they look alike.

    Now - here's the problem: I don't think I like the leather on either of them... And I don't think I like the Part-Time style... *PANIC*... :sad: The leather on both of them actually was dissappointing, especially compared to the leather on my 07 Aquamarine. Does anyone have any great stories about how the leather on their 07s has gotten better??

    The leather on the Sandstone is very plastic-y... slick, and veiny. I like the look, but don't like the way it feels... The Marine is very "pebbly". It is rough to touch and honestly looks kind of funny IRL. It is like there are craters all over it!!! I wouldn't be so dissappointed, but the leather on my Aqua is so nice!! I love it!! It is thick and chewy, veiny, but not plastic-y. Am I being overly critical???

    Also... I love the city style. The Marine city is going to be a great upgrade from the Ink First that *might have* just sold... The color is great, but the leather is... not so good. However... the Part-Time...YIKES, I don't think the PT style is for me!!! :sad: I don't like the way it looks on, and I don't like the way it lays against my body when carried. I thought I was going to love it. (It looks great flat though!!)

    SO - what should I do??? I know I am getting paid back for going on and on about how great BalNY is in that other thread... We know their return policy, and I don't want to keep having to exchange things out, for something that could be potentially worse!!

    Don't get me wrong... I :heart: the bags to look at, I am just dissappointed and confused about what to do with the leather & the style of the PT.....

    Help!! Please!! (And enjoy the pics! :smile: )
    Ink&Marine1.jpg Ink&Marinedifference.jpg Sandstone&Marine.jpg SandstoneMarineAqua.jpg
  2. I think they are lovely, but if they weren’t love at first sight (or touch) then send them back.
  3. Thanks kirsten!

    After further examination... I don't think the leather on the Sandstone is bothering me. When I brought them out the second time, the leather is alot like my Ink First was to begin with, and now I really like how that feels. I guess it from touch or something. I just really don't think the Part-Time style is for me...

    The Marine, I am confused about. I think I am going to call BalNY tomorrow, and talk to my SA about the leather and what variations they had on Marine bags... I know it changes over time, but... :confused1:

    *sigh* So while I :heart: both of the colors... it looks like I will need to think about it overnight and will possibly be sending the PT back. I like the idea of Sandstone in a day or twiggy, but I am not sure if those are going to be big enough for school.

    Now, what style to trade it in for?? I need bags that can take things back and forth to school. I like the city, but I was going to get something different to have some variation.... I don't know if the work is too big. Ideas? TIA!!:smile:
  4. Send whatever you don't like back. Keep the store credit. Wait until you finally find something you love. There's no rush. You can always get a cool color next season. :smile:
  5. LOL... well, I keep going back to look at my pictures - and I :heart: them in the pictures! I guess I need to give it a day or so....

    Thanks Grande Latte! Anyone else? Do let me know what you think! ;)
  6. My chocolate day bag started out with tough leather. I didn't like it at first, but now its really grown on me. Its also softened so its plenty slouchy. Its still got a grainier feel than my other bags, but I love it. I don't think you will hate it, since the distressing looks really nice on it.

    The day bag fits tons of stuff. What kind of things would you be carrying to and from school? It might not make a great book bag, but it works wonders for things like water bottles, umbrellas, maybe smaller books, sweaters, etc.
  7. If there's one thing I've learned from my B-Bag obsession, it's that you just can't settle. Forking out a mortgage payment for a bag that isn't absolutely 100% PERFECT is not an option. If you don't think the PT suits me, it will never suit you. Colours can be made to work in a pinch, but if the shape isn't right, it's all over. You won't be happy and it's a LOT of money. Send back whatever you are not totally happy with. I agree that the leather can be conditioned with Apple and made to feel fab over time (unless it feels dry right off the bat), but if you're not "knocked out" by the colour and style, back they go!
  8. I think they look GREAT! I think the Marine looks like Ink, too.
  9. Thanks ladies! :smile: I think I need to look into that Apple stuff, because I think that might go a long way on the Marine...

    stylefly - I have to agree. If the style isn't right, it won't ever be right. I need to think about what shapes are going to work best, before I sent this one back.

    I like the day bag, but I don't think that looks "professional" enough for school (?), it would be more of a casual bag for me. I think the boxier styles lend themselves more to a professional environment, but that is just one person's opinion. ;) Who's to say though, considering I can't see these bags IRL, until I order them. Anyone use the day for something other then casual outings?

    So for grad school... I guess just the typical bag items, plus legal pads, calculator, agenda, maybe umbrella, etc. I don't think I would put any text books into my bbags, just smaller "regular" type books...

    So the work is the same shape as the city, doesn't have a shoulder strap, and has longer handles to go over your shoulder? (Longer then the PT handles?)
  10. Well...maybe a Balenciaga isn't the right bag for what you want (perish the thought, I know!!). My understanding is that the Work has slightly SHORTER handles than the Part Time!!! It's not a great shoulder bag, except maybe on someone the size of Mary Kate.
  11. ^ LOL... and I am NOT the size of Mary Kate, let me assure you!!
  12. Your bags look very beautiful, but I think stylefly said it best: if the bag is not perfect, you shouldn't keep it.

    The Work is what I'm looking into getting next, because it would make for such a good school bag. I'm very small, so the Work looks big on me, but it does sit comfortably on my shoulder and would hold a zillion textbooks and notebooks... and honestly, it isn't that big a step up from your Part-Time.

    As for the Marine, it looks so gorgeous in the photos, but maybe you should call BalNY and enquire about the other bags and what the leather is like on them. If it's just a matter of breaking it in, like my new Emerald, then that's a different matter... the Marines I've seen were a bit flat and needed to be worn to fluff out a bit, but that doesn't really sound like what you're describing.

    I guess in the end I'd tell you to hold onto them for another day - try carrying them around the house and see how you feel after some time has passed... but do let us know, whatever you decide to do!
  13. Your new bags are beautiful, Bags4Bubbles!:love: Congrats!:yes:
  14. I love the marine, but you must love them too!
  15. ^ I agree.

    The marine is gorgeous... I am just hoping this texture will either change over time, or I need to get a different one.

    If you can imagine - from the first picture comparing Ink & Marine, in the center of the Marine bag, it is "lighter" and looks like it reflecting alot of light? That is basically what the texture is light? I guess "mini-veins" would be another way to descibe it...