They're here! Black/Red Architeks...feeling hot hot hot!

  1. They are stunning! For real! Here are some pics for you all, even though my feet are in pre-pedicure condition this morning. lol I really love them, BUT the fit isn't perfect for me. I am a US 8 and got the 38.5. They are loose all over. But the 38 would have been to short as far as length. I'm going to take them to a cobbler and see what can be done, and if nothing, they have to go back. boo hoo hoo. =( Anyhow, they are great to look at!!!
    architeks 003 467x350.jpg architeks 005 467x350.jpg architeks 006 467x350.jpg architeks 011 467x350.jpg architeks 012 467x350.jpg
  2. *holds her breath* OMG! those are some hot shoes! i am trying to stop myself from drooling lol! i'll probably get these next month since i've overspent for this month already LOL! my SA told me this runs TTS, i guess it's better to have them tighter for sling backs. what do you think?
  3. I think if I ordered a size 38, my heel would be hanging out of the back. I want to cry. lol They are just wider than normal CLs in my opinion. Like in one of the pictures, you can see gap-ich on the sides. I walk and they come right off my foot. Argh... I think I'm going to make a point of going down to Boca today to try the 38 anyway.
  4. they're so sexy!! i hope you find a pair that fits well :smile:
  5. Congratulations! They look incredible on you. I was also very suprised to see that they run true to size, I was expecting them to run similarly to the Numero Prive, but they are in fact cut much wider and I ended up getting my true size, 8. I absolutely love this shoe, so beautiful from behind.
    Wear them well and I do not recommend returning them, just have a cobbler work some magic!
  6. Thanks Kamilla! I hope you enjoy yours too!
  7. Those shoes are so sexy! They look so much better on. In the pictures they look kind of strange, but on the foot they're absolutely stunning! Hopefully you can find a skilled cobbler to make them fit.
  8. Wow they look great on! Enjoy!!
  9. Look, I changed my avatar. hehehehe I love these. I'm definitely going to check out the 38, so we'll see. Otherwise I will ask Saks if they use a local cobbler. =o)-

    Thanks everyone.
  10. oh la la, those are hot!! hopefully you'll be able to make them fit somehow!
  11. Tres sexy on you! Although I love this shoe on you ladies, I'm going to return mine because it's a little too dramatic for me.
  12. OMG-they are absolutely gorgeous beyond words!
  13. Gorgeous! I'm still kicking myself for not pre-ordering these!
  14. Those are hotter than hot!!!! :drool: I would weather the freezing cold just to wear them out tonight. Ohh, I want mine so bad. :crybaby:Thanks for sharing OLMS. Soooo cute!!!
  15. those are gorgeous! So pretty and unique!