they're here! black, more black and something timeless!

  1. i've not been posting on the board regularly since starting on grad school but for this month, i thought i would reward myself a little, especially since i've been meaning to get myself a lil something after snagging myself a place in a firm i've been hoping to get into.

    first up is the modern chain e/w tote from '06. i fell in love with the modern chain line a little too late (as is always the case!) and i had set my sights on the MC flap originally. but i later realised it'd be more practical if i got a tote instead because i'm always too many books and files around. so when news of the MC line being re-issued this year i was crazily excited but when i tried on the new '07 ones in paris, it just didn't make my heart sing as much as the original line. so when i saw this baby up for grabs, i just couldn't resist.


    i can't say this enough but i love the look of the leather on the back of the tote. and have i mentioned that it smells DIVINE! :heart:

    next up, is the metallic black lux flap! after seeing pictures of swanky's flap in the reference library and also irishgal's thread about her lovely lux flap, i just needed one.


    and finally for the something timeless, i've been meaning to get this for ages and so i finally caved in and got the timeless classic pearl necklace.


    thanks for letting me share my excitement (and joy) with you girls! and of course, a million bunch of thanks to the lovely PFers who helped in my little quest for the two bags. :flowers:
  2. a little bit of "modelling" pictures. pardon me for being a bit shy about this because i'm just so bowled over by the many beautiful PFers on the chanel board (like ldldb's fantastic chanel du jour thread, and ladydeluxe too, just to name a few of my favourites).

    with the MC tote:

    with the lux flap:

    and with the pearl necklace:
  3. Congrats stunning bags :drool:and they look fabulous on you!:nuts:
    Love your pearl necklace and your outfits!:tup:
  4. Very nice!! Congrats on your new purchases and wear them in good health! :tup: I love the leather of the MC tote and there's something to be said about the smell of it! Told my DB that I love the smell of (Chanel) leather and he thought I was completely mad! LOL. And thanks for sharing and for posting modelling pics so soon.
  5. they all look great on you!! congrats!! love the necklace :heart:
  6. Great choices! They are fabulous~

    Congrats once again!!
  7. Congratulations! I love your new purchases! You have to tell me where you got your flap - I've been dying for one for ages (though I am on a ban at the moment. I might break it for a luxe flap though)
  8. OMG... :drool::drool::drool:.... amazing purchases! I :heart: those pearls on you too! an amazing classic timeless piece indeed! CONGRATS!
  9. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  10. Congratulations! Wow... love your flap and necklace.... will get the necklace next week.
  11. i would kill to get that necklace of yours :graucho: i've been meaning to buy them but they aren't in my *sheepishly* 'priority' list lol.

    and you know what, you're one lucky duck! how did you manage to snag up '06 MC tote and the luxe flap? ;)

    you look great with your new goodies by the way! i like the way you match the light pink top with grey cardi and the pearls. it's a dainty combo, though i would wear it quite different :smile: (all black or all white combo for me and prob some jeans lol).
  12. Wow, great haul! Esp love the MC!!!
  13. Congrats!!! They all look divine !!! I love the pearls the most.
  14. all looks PERFECT on u, great choices :tup:
  15. Congrats, the pearl necklace looks really good on you! :smile: