They're Here!! A day early!!! Pics

  1. Well my Soho Multi Print Hobo and Dragonfly Wristlet were not supposed to come till tomorrow but I had a surprise delivery today!! Here are pics.
  2. cute! Congrats! :tup:
  3. the wristlet is to tdf!!!!! very cool!!!!!
  4. thanks fields..I don't know how to make the pics smaller and man does my mirror look dirty in those It didn't look like that IRL! I do have house cleaning to do today though.
  5. very cute!!! how do you like the bag so far?
  6. really is!! I just love the dragonfly and the light colored optic fabric.
  7. Iluvcoach9.....I love the bag. I think it will be great for the spring/summer!! I can't wait to use it but it is still snowing here so I guess I'll have to wait a while.
  8. k I am gonna go see if I clean my mirror and open my blinds if I can get a better picture. Those are horrible
  9. I love them! Congrats!
  10. I like your purchases! The bag & the wristlet are cute!
  11. *drool* I love the pink!!
  12. oh you must be so giddy with joy - LOVE LOVE the wristlet - Congrats
  13. I am dying for that purse. Love the wristlet too.
  14. That wristlet is adorable!! :smile: Congrats on your new goodies.
  15. Very cute, great for spring/summer!