they're gone!

  1. the hamptons signature stripe large carryall.


    and the hamptons signature stripe slim envelope wallet.


    both gone. the only place i can find them is on dillards website.
    i NEED this bag/wallet combo! in browwnnn. :sad:
    but i just don't have the money for it right now.
    there are 2 of the carryalls on eBay, but not a single wallet.
    do you think these will be in the outlets for a little bit?

  2. if they are gone already, then no.
  3. I think I may have seen these at the Tilton NH outlet a couple weeks ago...seriously!
  4. o0o0o, I saw the wallet at the outlet yesterday (Wrentham, MA), it was in the low 100's with an extra 20% off.
  5. they were on last months deletes. we have only seen a few pieces at my outlets, but definitely check around. go to your nearest outlet with the style numbers and try to see if they can do a charge send for ya.
  6. i saw these at the outlet last nite...lots of colors
  7. I saw two of these at the outlet a few days around and might score one at a discount! It was gorgeous and I had to force myself not to buy it...
  8. wow i gotta get to an outlet....need some good deals
  9. Tilton, NH outlet has the bag. I saw it yesterday.
  10. Wow.... Those are really beautiful! I hope you are able to get them. Keep us updated.
  11. They are pretty but they are stiff as a board and feel like cardboard.
  12. Does it just take a little longer to break in?

    I have a bag I don't use often because of it's color so it's still pretty stiff. I've had it for over a year and have probably used it about 3 or 4 times.
  13. aw i wish you all the best in finding your bags !
  14. Good luck, do you have an outlet close by?
  15. Yeah I too saw the wallet at the premium outlet in seattle.