they're finally here!

  1. oh i am so happy!

    my goodies from houston finally came! did i say that kevin is my favorite person ever? because he so is. check it out

    details coming
  2. Congrats! Glad you're able to replace your Speedy with some new goodies.
  3. Congrats!
  4. i got my gorgeous new azur speedy 30 and mutlicles in pomme. the pics do NOT do any of it justice. and yes, i sniffed the vernis because people always talk about the smell. what's the deal? it smells like plastic to me. lol

    handles were still wrapped in plastic and it's perfect- well they're one thing but it's fine... i'll show that in a second...
    IMG_3709.JPG IMG_3710.JPG IMG_3718.JPG IMG_3720.JPG IMG_3721.JPG
  5. Details, we need details! :nuts: Ok....never mind! Great goodies!! Hope you enjoy!!
  6. Awww I hate the teasing. I'm not coming back to see what you got...j/k I'm to curious. Show please!!!
  7. he sent me three- THREE!- catalogs- the main one and two shoes- one men's and one women's.

    and what's in the bag you ask?

    it's the lock and key! he kept it seperate so it wouldn't tarnish like the last one. how amazing and thoughtful is that? just incredible!
    IMG_3707.JPG IMG_3711.JPG IMG_3716.JPG
  8. Congrats Heather!! =)
  9. congrats!
  10. Congrats!
  11. Congrats! Love the pomme and the azur!!!
  12. so the only flaw on the bag is an extra stitch on the handle. can i cut this off or should i just leave it? anyone know?

    everything came perfectly gift wrapped and gorgeous! oh i am so happy!

    thank you everyone!
  13. sorry for the teasing but you can only do 5 pics at a time anyway! lol.
  14. lol i could smell it as soon as i opened my flat pouch. i love it, it's the smell of new louis :biggrin:
  15. yay! so happy for you! everything is lovely!:love:
    so, you don't like the smell of plastic?:shrugs: ......:biggrin: