They're finally here...05 Bordeaux & Caramel! (Photos)

  1. i'm happy to say that a gorgeous bordeaux and a yummy caramel has found me again. i had both in the twiggy, but they went to new homes. since then, i've really missed them (and other colors) and regretted letting them go. the ink twiggy is a temporary ink fix until my ink purse arrives. plus, i can't wait for an anthracite twiggy or day! :nuts: so much for my purse ban. :shame:

    thank you everyone for your votes/feedback! :flowers:

    a formal and a "hugging" photo (magenta & lilac 04 not shown):


  2. How gorgeous!!! That caramel looks absolutely scrumptious and in pristine condition, and I love the bordeaux (just got my City yesterday).

    Congratulations and enjoy your beautiful bbag family.:tender:
  3. Oooh!! Yay for getting Bordeaux and Caramel back!

    They're toooooo delicious!!
  4. :love: :love: :love: YUM~O~LICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!:love: :love: :love:

    I am loving that caramel!!!!!! It's so beautiful~ as well as the bordeaux!
  5. Gorgeous gorgeous odd! I'm loving that bordeaux city!
  6. bordeaux :heart:
  7. Congrats :yahoo: what a beautiful combination love all of them.:yes:
  8. All so lovely and hugging to boot!:tender:
  9. < LOVE the bordeaux.....and the others are gorgeous, too
  10. :wtf: :wtf: The Caramel and Bordeaux...sigh. :love: Love the group hug shot!!
  11. Congrats! Love the hugh shot.
  12. omg, i LOVE your collection - you don't even understand!!! SO beautiful!
  13. I love your color taste!
  14. thank you all for your kind words, you are all so sweet! :flowers:

    i especially love the bordeaux and so happy to find one in near mint condition. how could i have ever let that twiggy go? btw, remember that poll i posted regarding which bordeaux to choose (lubriderm vs. dark handles)? well, this is the "lubed" city. the leather's condition turned out to be fine! i even ended up spot treating w/ ag leather conditioner on the dry areas. i would rate the handles at 9/10.

    fendihunter ~ the caramel looks pristine in the pic, but it is pre-loved and actually has slight signs of wear on the corners, but still excellent condition! btw, your bordeaux has such luscious leather! and your collection is just :drool:

    jadecee ~ you're back! how was your trip?

    thank you debsmith ~ i meant "group hug" shot not "hugging" photo...what was i thinking :p
  15. Beautiful pictures. They're all luscious, but your Bordeaux is particularly exquisite. Makes me want to go and hug my Bordeaux Work, but mine isn't as :drool: as yours.

    Enjoy your lovelies!