They're filming Underdog outside our bldg!

  1. So cool - they are filming Underdog right out in front of our bldg in Providence, RI!!!! I wish I could be an extra instead of working :nuts: I saw Putty from Seinfeld - he's one of the stars in the movie :love: At least there'll be something fun to check out on my lunch hour!
  2. LOL Putty!!!!!!!!!
    You should try to take pics of him! How hilarious.
  3. who stars in the movie?
  4. Not sure! Danica I'm going to try! I wish I had my camera at work as I don't have a camera phone!!
  5. That's classic!! I would love to watch a movie being filmed!
  6. People will be jumping off some of the skyscrapers to be rescued by Underdog today! eeeeek, I don't know if I can watch :smile:
  7. Does it tie up traffic or create any other nuisance? I live in LA and hate TV/movie shootings, which happwn ALL the time, especially at my nearby beach - they shoot some TV show - the OC? regularly. The bright lights from the camera are so intense you can barely sleep at night! They are so disruptive! I am happy you are enjoying your experience though. Say hi to some stars for me. :smile:
  8. YES it's god awful. The traffic down here is always bad and now this makes it 10x worse. I can't even get in and out of my bldg as they are all over the place! Pretty cool though as we never have any activity like this like in LA!
  9. Yeah, they're always shooting something in SoHo too. It's annoying to try and get a sandwich and get yelled at by some PA for being near their 'set'.
  10. I LOVED underdog when I was little -- one of the best cartoons ever! I'd love to see it being filmed:smile:
  11. I love David Putty. My brother looks and talks just like him. LOL.
  12. How exciting!