They're Even Faking Coach's Gigi?

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  1. I think they'll fake anything and everything, especially the hot sellers and expensive ones.. sick. :cursing:
  2. They didn't even get the style number right....
  3. That interior is HIDEOUS!
  4. oh no say it isn't so! not my gigi:nogood:
  5. A coworker of mine carries a fake gigi. It is gross!
  6. I reported this one to eBay. Blech!
  7. I came across a fake Lily when surfing the web the other day. It was disgusting. It was a signature version as well which they don't even make! Below is the on it and you'll see it's "signature".
  8. wow..that was fast! Those poor clueless people who are bidding on it! :amazed:
  9. they're faking everything
  10. Just reported the fake GIGI, how dare these people fake such a beautiful bag. Shame on them :yucky:
  11. Wow... That's so scary, especially because I love to shop on e-bay!! :tdown:
  12. Booooo! That's awful!
  13. They took it down!