=] They're both here

  1. I got the damier pochette last week but didn't want to post pics until I got the azur.

    I know that it's just the pochette but whatever, i love them.

    Also, what should I get my mom for Xmas? Its a bit late but I still have to get her something.

  2. :heart: Congrats!!! They are so lovely:love:
  3. :yahoo: Congrats and Enjoy!
    Love your twin pochettes :graucho:
  4. congrats! love them both!
  5. congrats love them!
  6. congrats on the lovely bags! i'm still waiting for my azur pochette from elux... usually not a small bag kinda gal, but i want more pochettes now!
  7. aw i love the twins!
  8. Sooo cute!!! awwww I want both!
  9. lovely!! :girlsigh:
  10. ooh so cute! don't you wish you could wear them at the same time?
  11. love the twins! congrats!
  12. Yay, i love the azur, and the pochette's are gorgeaus, congrats! As for your mom, perhaps.. a day at the spa? Thats what im getting for my mother..
  13. CONGRATS! They are both beautiful!!
  14. that's a good idea but i know taht she wont go, thats why I want a bag. If she doesn't use it, then I can haha
  15. Both are lovely. Enjoy them.