They're Ankle-threatening, Ludicrous, Impractical and Overpriced.

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    Walk this way: The Marc Jacobs back-to-front shoe

    This is, in fact, the world's first back-to-front shoe, courtesy of designer Marc Jacobs. Whether you think it is a gimmick too far or a piece of fashion genius depends how far up the fashionista ladder you are - on a scale of one to crazy.

    Make or break: Are these shoes

    The must-have accessory to match the shoe then ought to be a crash helmet.
    To buy into the trend will cost you £270 for a plain pair and £330 for a more elaborate design decorated with metal swirls and Swarovski crystals.

    They are part of the American designer's 2008 collection, which attracted mixed reviews at New York fashion week.
    Jacobs himself described his new collection as "the emperor's new clothes" and said it aimed to overturn conventional fashion.
    Podiatrists, who already frown on stilettos, are far from impressed.
    Lisa Surridge, a lecturer at the Smae Institute specialising in foot health, declared: "These shoes would impair the normal function of the foot."

    They are absurd, torturous, dangerous and wearable only by women who never have to walk further than the nearest red carpet and have more money than sense. I give it a week before Victoria Beckham is spotted in them
  2. Yikes! Those look terribly painful to walk in!
  3. Nevermind the crazy shoes...WTF is up with that BAG?!
  4. ew, they're they like properly heel at the front?
  5. how do you supposed to walk in them? And that bag is hideous!
  6. :roflmfao: They look like doorstops
  7. Those things are SO weird. I saw another picture of them somewhere else. Ick.
  8. I give them a 10 for craziness and theatricality, but I wouldn't wear them. I'd love to see them in a fashion museum or a very artistic Vogue photoshoot though! ;)
  9. I may display those in my walk-in closet if I had one, but I would never attempt to walk in them.

    However, I refuse to give whomever came up with them the satisfaction of my actually buying them. One celeb or indeed,Vogue shoot,and I'm sure that thousands will,though.
  10. not too keen on them
  11. The bag looks like one of those who were rejected (and thus given to the press) from the SS 07 Louis Vuitton show actually... :sad:

    The shoues are ok, I've seen heels that start on the middle of the foot before, but those were round so that they weren't that dangerous.
  12. If only they were flats! Or normal pumps!

    Oh Marc... I really love your quirky designs but this is too much!
  13. I guess that I am the only one that finds these shoes very interesting, I doubt that I would purhcase them because they look impossible to walk in. These would be conversation starter shoes for sure! For the ladies that don't care for them, I wonder if your opinion will change once you see these featured in fashion magazines, or if celebrities wear them.
  14. i would love to try them on though....
  15. :yucky: THe shoes and bag..