they're all the same????

  1. ok so I have the chelsea hobo pictured here

    for my bday i have about 250-300 usd to spend and have an opportunity to shop in the states this wkend

    i showed Dh the ergo small hobo or bleeker small zip hobo i m debating btwn and he thinks that even in the sig, they r the same as chelsea. r they really too similar? m i being silly? thanks.
  2. He's a guy. Just get what you love.
  3. what does he know ... they're totally different - great choices by the way, i wish i was getting one!
  4. Gabz, I've seen all the three you mentioned in person (own two of them--the Chelsea and small ergo; almost owned the Bleeker but returned it). Trust me, they are all distinct from one another. The straps alone are all different and the leather finish itself. Although to your DH, those tiny details need to be pointed out:smile:
  5. I agree - men have no clue!! Those bags are all very different! Get the one that you love the most and dont let him influence your decision - otherwise you'll regret it!!!
  6. Yeah, like all fishing poles are alike and all cars are alike and all stereos are alike and all game systems are alike.... well, I could go on and on! Men don't get it! Get what you love and never mind him! LOL!
  7. Get what you like. You'll be the one carrying it. IMO they're all quite different.
  8. Silly Boys! :nogood: They just don't understand.
  9. Tell him the signature mini zip will also be lighter in weight than the chelsea leather bag besides having a totally different look to it. The only thing similar is the size range. good luck can't wait to see what you pick.