They won't talk....

  1. Does anybody else have this problem?

    I'm currently a college student at a fairly reasonable college. As far as I know, I'm the only girl at my school that carries authentic bags. A LOT of girls have really bad fakes and they are sooo obvious:wtf:

    However, they know that my bags are real, some have even asked how much they cost, and when I tell them, they snicker in disbelief:sad: :sad:

    But I have NO girl friends at my school, the girls don't talk to me because they think I'm a snob because of what I have. My mom says its because I'm pretty( thanks mom) and girls don't like pretty girls...but I think its because of my bags! I love bags, but I have no social life. Just BF and family. Is this all I need?

    Thank God I have you girls! :heart: :heart:
  2. Awww, I'm sorry to hear that! :sad: I graduated college recently (well, in '04 haha), and I hear ya... though the college I went to, a lot of girls had $$ I suppose... even so, I was one of the only ones I saw carrying authentic/$$ bags. I was lucky enough to find a group of friends whom I got along with for many reasons, and bags never came into play. :smile: All of my friends just designated me as their personal fashion/bag expert and asked me questions haha... and on the rare occasion they did ask how much something I was wearing/carrying cost, I hesitantly told them, and luckily they never really mentioned it again. Sometimes people are quick to judge others based on outward appearances, which is a sad but true reality. Maybe if you made the first move (said hi to some people, etc.) they might respond positively to your sincerity. :smile: If not, that's their loss, but I'm sure you will meet some great people at college! :smile:
  3. I was the same way for a long time because girls steal!! Watch out, they become your friend and the next thing you know, your gucci sunglasses are missing! :wtf: All I need are my husband and family now. Eventually you will find some girls who arent jealous of you because you're pretty and have nice stuff. But I had a hard time living on campus.

    Where do you go to school?
  4. I get the idea that you actually do want to have friends. If you have to ask if it's all you need, I think you probably want more. Are you shy? Being shy could also be part of the issue. I don't think it's jsut because of what you have but I think a lot of people misinterpert shyness for snobiness when it just isn't the case.

    What matters is that YOU are happy with your life, but given the post, it sounds like you would like to have friends and more of a social life.
  5. dont become a bag lady LOL

    I think you should try to make friends and if girls are not talking to you because of the type of handbag you have, then that should tell you how shallow they are. I have plenty of chanel bags, I dont use them at school....well, because I go to a tough school and the last thing I care about is toting around a $2K+ bag. If someone is going to judge you based soley on your bag or the way you dress, then you dont need them in your life to begin with. But, let me tell you....EVERY GIRL needs a group of girls they can be themselves with. I tried the entire "I only need my BF thing" and in the end, it didnt work for me...I needed girlfriends to be with every once and awhile. In my opinion bags are just that,bags. They shouldnt define what or who someone is...approach some girls and befriend them. good luck.
  6. Once in a while you have to take the initiative to talk to other people, in this case, girls. That's actually one of the things I've learned while in college.
  7. ok - I am in my 40s with teenagers and here is the best piece of advice I say to my daughter (who has inherited her mother's love of beautiful bags) - just smile and say "hi" for some reason you may seem intimidating to other girls and if they got to know you then they will start to like you - unfortunately you will have to make teh first move - a smile and a "hello" goes a long way - I have asked my daughter to try it and she was hesitant but did it and it worked - so yes - I am older but have been through this and please believe me that it does work - you may meet some people you may not like but thats ok just keep moving on to others until you find a few that fit your personality and style and who appreciate you for who you are -good luck!!!
  8. Thanks for all the posts. Its crazy, but I'm really outgoing! I can talk to anybody, (maybe thats my problem) hahaha... But when I do talk to another girl, I feel like I have to put myself down infront of her, like complaing about stupid things about myself, so she won't hate me and she will see that I'm normal. Its weird. But I just feel like some girls soley judge on what you have and what you look like. Most of my friends would be concidered the "outcasts" , but I don't label anybody.
  9. You need to find someone at your school who loves bags and loves to shop like you do! I had a BFF just like this...and then when we graduated, she moved back to CA. :hysteric: I'm pretty sure every school has a group of girls like this...I'm sure you'll find them!
  10. Thanks OMGsweet. You girls have great advice. :yes:
  11. I had a similar problem...but where I felt like an outcast so all I had was my bf (hubby now), family, and co-workers. The problem might have also been because I was an accounting major and, I hate to generalize but "I've been there, done that" so I think I have some basis on this generalization, accounting majors are competitive and snooty. However, there's always someone out there... Like all others have kinda stated, you just need to reach out. I did and I found a gf (although she doesn't like handbags) who's now my best friend. :yes:
  12. Maybe I'm out on a limb here but I never ever ask how much something costs. (Mother told me it was rude to ask.) Simply say it was a gift.

  13. Yea, my mom taught me that as well. I guess their curious.
  14. mtambi gave you good advise. Be nice first. And second, don't answer anyone's question as to how much your bag costs. None of their business. Just say something to the effect of..."oh it was a gift." Keep trying, you'll find people you fit with...not everyone is going to be your best bud. Corny but true, like yourself first.
  15. I also agree not to tell people what your things cost. People react in such a strange way. I could understand how girls may judge you because you are pretty and think you might be a b-tch. I have one friend who is very beautiful, not that she thinks she is ( she is blind to this fact???)she is very down to earth. Well other women just look at her and hate her without even talking to her. Are there some clubs you can join where people have some of the same interests as you? Also if there is a club that does some type of volunteer work you will meat people who actually want to do things for others and are not shallow. I also agree that there are times you have to make the first move. I myself will talk to anyone which does amaze people--but I have met some really nice people by making the first move.
    Try not to be too hard on yourself. Things will get better.