They were Christmas present from my DH...oh not the baby pics again...!

  1. sorry guys.....! i promise i'll cut down on my baby's modeling pics....BUT she looks better than i am! so please forgive me!:heart:

    although ---- she was pretty upset in those pics, excuse her food stain on the dress and face! in the 3rd and 4th pics, she was so mad that started to crying....! poor baby....i'm so sorry~~!

    thank you for the lovely tPFer for helping me with the color of phone strap....i really wanted the berry ones, but i was too lazy to send them back during the i kept the BEIGE!:roflmfao:
    sophia1.jpg sophia2.jpg sophia3.jpg sophia4.jpg sophia5.jpg
  2. i've been wearing the choker to's pretty cute!:heart: i got a few compliments on it.....:love:
    xmas4.jpg xmas1.jpg
  3. Oh I love the gifts! Your daughter is soo pretty! She definetly has good taste!
  4. Love the pics!
  5. very nice stuff, congrats ... and your daughter is just the cutest!
  6. Awww, I love the pics! Your daughter is sooo adorable :love:
  7. thank you Impsola, mh21 and frannita....!:love: :flowers:

    and Thank you Rebecca the *Cupcake Girl*...! you know i make cupcakes for a well as wedding cakes and all sorts of cakes! :heart:
  8. cute baby~even though she was crying...
  9. Nice stuff! No pics of DH? :graucho:
  10. those are soo precious!!!! i love the 1st pic, she's so adorable. nice stuff, congrats!!!!
  11. Your daughter is beautiful!!!! What is her ethnic make up? My little one turns 1 on Tuesday. She is in love with pomme da'mour, frambose, and everything else LV. Little girls are the best!
  12. Pretty baby! Thanks for posting pics of the cell phone inclusion hanging on a bag. I was wondering if that would work.
  13. Your baby girl is so beautiful!! Your gifts are super cute and with her wearing them, Ohhh just too precious! What a knockout she will grow up to be! Thank u for sharing these lovely pics!
  14. I love seeing baby picture posts. Your daughter is adorable.
  15. Your baby is beautiful!!! She has the cutest sad face...

    Congratulations on the great gifts too.