They Were Blond, Now They're Brunette, What Do You Think ?

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  2. They all look great as both blonde and brunette, but I think I like them all as blondes better. Alicia Silverstone probably looks the best of them all as a brunette though.
  3. I think they ALL look better (except Brit - her color is too black, she should have gone for a chocolate brown color instead, the black is way too harsh on her!)
    None of those girls are that blonde IRL - that takes major salon upkeep, which is also a drag. Much better to go darker I say.
  4. I think all of them look better blond expect for Britney and Lilo. The darker hair looks better on those two.
  5. I think they all look good BRUNETTES! Who ever said blondes have more fun didn't get to hang out with me.
  6. Oops! I didn't scroll over to the right. Okay.. again, they all look good either way, but I think the only ones that look best as a brunette are Lindsay (though I like Lindsay best with reddish brown hair best not the dark brown in the pic) and Britney. I think Drew looks great as a red head. And I still think Alicia is a 50/50 (can't decide which color I like best on her).
  7. :shrugs:
  8. Brunettes all the way!!! (with the possible exception of Reese Witherspoon)
  9. Reese, Alicia, and LiLo I like Brunette. The rest I would have preferred stay blond.
  10. i think they all look better as blonds... maybe i am just used to that look...
  11. Brunettes! And some have red tones in their hair. I love it.
  12. i like drew, lindsey and alicia better brunnette. the others should stay blond...and honestly, lindsey looks best as a redhead! i hope she sticks with the color she's been sporting most recently.
  13. :yes: Agreed!
  14. Alicia is the best of this bunch as a brunette. The color on the others is too harsh.
  15. They all look really good either way.

    Another one who went from blonde to brunette and now back to blonde is Nicky Hilton. I used to think she didn't look good as a brunette and wished she would go back to blonde. Now I think she looked better as a brunette and should go back!:upsidedown: