They Want 21 Days to Pay!


Oct 7, 2006
Hi ladies,

So I need to rant and ask a little advice. I sold an item last week. After several days without hearing from the buyer or receiving payment, I sent a second invoice. When I still didn't hear anything, I sent a message. Today (almost a week after the auction closed) the buyer responded telling me they couldn't pay me for at least 15 days. There were other bidders... :cursing:

How do I proceed? Do I file a non-paying bidder dispute? How do I do that? Can I send a second chance offer?

This is just so annoying! Don't spend money you don't have... and if you do at least ask about a payment extension before you bid. It is absurd that I've had to make several attempts at contact to get a response asking for 21 days after the close of auction to pay!

Thanks for letting me rant :heart:

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Sep 22, 2007
How do I mutually withdraw? I don't see that option anywhere.
She needs to agree to withdraw. then click on file dispute and it willgive you the option to withdraw. Click, she will get a message and click too and then you are both free from the the obligation to continue and your fees will be refunded. good luck,


Jul 23, 2007
Tell her you don't have a layaway plan and that you need to get paid so you can pay your own ebay fees and such. Then file an NPB after 7 days. If she's not paid on the 8th day after that, then close and get your final value fees back. Just move on....not worth wasting time and energy over.


Feb 13, 2007
^^ ITA. If you file an NPB (non-paying bidder - just click on "report this item as unpaid") the buyer will have 7 days to pay, and if payment is not received, the buyer gets an unpaid item strike.
If you decide to mutually withdraw (also done through the NPB process), the buyer gets no strike but you resolve the matter sooner.


Aug 30, 2007
Three WEEKS! This is why I have all my auctions set to immediate payment only, to weed out these people. You would think they would only bid if they have the money!


Jul 29, 2008
In my auction I always state when the item has to be paid. I dealt with one buyer who asked me to wait a few extra days... so I gave him a few more days.. then it turned to a week. By the 2nd week, I told him I could no longer wait. He gave me some excuse about how he was waiting to pay for it with his paycheck... then later on he told me a few medical bills popped up and he couldnt pay for it at the moment. I told him I had been patient enough with him and that my auction clearly states when the item needs to be paid for. I told him I was putting it back up for auction. He sent me a message back that did not make any sense at all so I just disregarded it and put my item back on Ebay. He had the audacity to contact me a month later and ask if it was still available. When I told him no he got mad. So I definetly feel for you. Some people are unreasonable.

In your case I would file a non paying bidder dispute. You have been patient enough waiting for that long. If they didnt have the money in the first place they shouldnt have bid.
Jun 25, 2008
Now, come on! Three weeks is nothing. You need to give the buyer at least another month before you even start getting stressed or demanding to get paid. Heck, be a bit more flexible and give her a year. It's not like you sell items for money or anything...