They voted for fakes!!!

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  1. Just wanted to share this info for you guys... I was a member of another internet forum a year ago and someone asked this question from the board... Which one do you prefer... A knock-off or a real one? And quite surprising.. Only 2 of us voted for the real one.. Why? Their reasons are they can buy a second-hand car with that amount of money with just spending with an authentic designer handbag.. :/ Annoying, right?! I'm not going to name that forum but it is from Philippines... It's really annoying!!!!
  2. i would rather have a real bag then a fake any day. Some people these days just care about trying to look good or for whatever their reason they just don't seem to get it into their heads that it's copyright ,The use children to make the bags and money made from them is used for drugs and such .:lecture:
  3. Doesn't surprise me. I was a member of a forum for years and the proliferation of fakes became ridiculous. It wasn't so much the fakes that bothered me, it was the fact that issues like child labour, terrorism, and all the other illegal activity involved in the production of fakes were overlooked just because they wanted the latest 'it' bag. Bottom line, it is illegal in the UK where I live to sell, and buy, fake goods. I'd rather not be a criminal just so I can be a phoney.
  4. It's strange because if everyone only bought fakes, the fashion houses would close down and the not-at-all creative or artistic fake makers would be left with business.
  5. Thing is, though, for somebody who's not really into handbags, the amount spent must sound ridiculous...don't understand the fake thing, but I do understand that somebody rather have a car...
  6. The thing is if people think it's mad to spend that amount of money on a bag, then there are plenty of places to buy cheaper handbags - where I live it's actually quite hard to get designer stuff. But there are people who spend £100 on fakes, why? For £100 you can get some fantastic stuff in the UK. So why on earth spend £100 on a fake? I just don't understand it.
  7. ^^ Yep. I mean if you want a nice bag have a look at TkMaxx or something?! they have a few designer stuff for cheaper then £100.
  8. Personally, I think women who buy fakes just have no sense of fashion or style. They have to follow the masses and buy the labels to look somewhat stylish. And if you can't afford the real thing, well a fake conveys the same look. The most fun I had with fashion was when I was broke and had to be creative. Thrift stores were my best friend. Sometimes, I miss those days, but I just lack the time and energy these days. However whenever I'm on vaca, it's one of my fav activities.
  9. Women who buy fakes do it because they think having the bag gives them status of some sort, yet they don't have the $$ to go with the status they want. IMO.
  10. Ewww. Well luckily you're at TPF now!
  11. Wow...eya I don't understand why they can't just buy a cheaper bag of another brand..I mean fakes can be really expensive..theres some really nice Australia designer stuff thats about that price and you won't need to feel self concious or be supoprting the blackmarket :P
  12. I love how buyers of fakes can condemn designers and their prices in one breath and then carry a look-alike bag so they appear to have paid lots of money for something they condemned! They cannot condemn the original if they are striving to pretend to carry one!
  13. Not just that but you don't know what type fo quality you are getting with a fake. I know someone who bought a fake and it only lasted a few wearings. At least with the real one you know how it will hold up and wear. You know it will last for years.
  14. Agreed with all the above statements. Fakes do not last long. My sister bought a fake LV zip wallet and it lasted 6-8 months. My last real LV wallet lasted 10 YEARS before I finally replaced it, and I could have held on to it longer.

    I truly think those that buy fakes would not if they knew that fakes are often made by child labor and often fund terrorism and the production of drugs. There's a book coming out this summer (I think it's called Deluxe) that is going to be about this topic. It should be a must-read for anyone with an interest in high-end bags.
  15. I agree that the prices of some fakes are just ridiculous. for £100 or so you can get really nice, good quality non-fake bags, so why buy a fake? I know that the obvious answer to this is a person wants the designer bag but either cannot afford it or is unprepared to spend that amount of money on it. This is fair enough, as everyone has different amounts of disposible income and different priorities, but I still genuinely dont understand why, if youve only got say £100 to spend, why spend it all on a fake version of a £500 bag? There are lots of fantastic non-designer (or even less expensive designer) bags for that amount of money..... or, you could either save up for the real thing (yes it is possible :yes:)