They two different item...which one will you choose?


Which one will you choose?

  1. Pomme d'Amour Ludlow Wallet

  2. Denim Curise 07 scarf

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Pomme d'Amour Ludlow wallet ($335)



    Denim Curies 07 scarf ($285)


    I may not to buy either one, but I do love both...
    Just want to hear your opinions :idea:

    p10189265_ph_althero_Pomme_d'Amour.jpg p11394404_ph_hero.jpg
  2. Ludlow wallet, more practical than scarf~
  3. O... easy... the wallet!:love:
  4. I would choose the Denim Cruise Scarf... I'm DYING for it!!! The red/white/blue outlining is TDF!!!!

    As a guy, I have no need for a Vernis Wallet. :p
  5. I also vote for the scarf. The Ludlow is okay as an extra wallet but I think I would buy the scarf, it's so cute.
  6. :push:typo again...but finally i know how to use the poll option...

    Yep, I agree with Classic Chic, the wallet is more useful...but the scarf is so cute as Michelle1025 & John 5 said...I really like the look of the scarf attaching on the bag(dream bag LH). That's why I can't decide it and need to see the votes.
  7. scarf:biggrin:
  8. SCARF!

    It's adorable!
  9. scarf...HANDS DOWN..LOVE!
  10. I love that wallet!
  11. surprisingly scarf got more votes...I thought everyone loved Pomme d'Amour...
  12. Get the wallet!!
  13. The scarf :smile: will look beautiful on your purse!
  14. Pomme d'Amour Ludlow Wallet !
  15. the ludlow