They tried to make them go to rehab.....Part II

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  1. Some time ago, a friend gave me a sad sad Hamptons Leather Tote.

    Apparently it had a bad case of mold and other problems when he got it. He tried his best to rehab it but by the time it got to me it was still in pretty sad shape and it had a hella nasty mold odor. If you guys know me, I love a good rehab challenge.

    SO, flash forward to one sink bath in GAIN detergent, soaking for about 2 hours & drying in the sun. TWO WEEEKS sealed up in a box with not one, count 'em TWO Arm & Hammer disks (that now indicate that they need to be thrown away). One very liberal coat of URAD black leather conditioner and then a nice coat of Apple Conditioner I think she's finally ready for her debut.

    She's not perfect, but she's certainly gonna make a great useable bag now instead of going in the trash.

    If you wanna see all the pics, you can go here:

  2. Nice job, Toonces. Love a good rehab story.
  3. wow GREAT job!!
  4. Wow, great job!!
  5. Wow!! She's pretty! You did a fabulous job!
  6. looks great!!!!
  7. Toonces,

    Very cool bag!!! Great job with the Rehab!!!
    Now, I have Amy Winehouse song playing in my head!!!! LOL

    Lynne :biggrin:
  8. WOW!!! That looks so much better! Great Job!!!!
  9. Wow you did really good! It looks awesome!
  10. I know you always love a good challenge. She's good as new now. Congrats :smile:
  11. Wow what a great rehab! Enjoy!
  12. You treated her nicely. She looks very healthy now :P
  13. That looks pretty good! Great job!
  14. Neat!
  15. Amazing!!!