they took it...

  1. @ time of purchase.
  2. aww. mine let me use it even though I didn't have a card. I was excited since I didn't expect it. I was asking if the Thompson Hobo could be ordered for the next one and they gave me this one!
  3. They took mine too! I was going to pass it it another person but now I can't!:tdown:
  4. When I stopped by my local Coach store last Wednesday, the store manager was kind enough to extend the Preffered Customer dicount (25%) to my order. However, she also mentioned to me that this time around, Coach Corp. was asking that the stores enforce the policy that this month's Preffered Coach Customer discount card "is valid for one transaction only and will be collected at the time of purchase." There is also a stipulation on the discount card which reads, "This invitation may not be reproduced or transferred, including electronically or via the Internet. Any reproduction of this card will not be accepted by our stores."